Yellowstone Season 5 Ran Out of Ideas Already, Leaving Fans Struggling

Yellowstone Season 5 Ran Out of Ideas Already, Leaving Fans Struggling
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Yellowstone recently shattered its own records for the season five premiere. The first two episodes of season five generated over 12 million viewers, two million more than the season four finale.

Nevertheless, not every fan of Yellowstone believes the show is trending in the right direction.

The fifth season of Yellowstone has just launched yet some fans are already struggling with the premise. For them, the western/drama has run out of ideas and the show is suffering as a result. It's been a noteworthy discussion on Reddit since the first two episodes of season five arrived in early November 2022.

What are the issues audience members have with Yellowstone season five?

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For starters, there is concern that Taylor Sheridan – the creator of Yellowstone, is running out of new ideas. He's been announcing more and more Yellowstone spin-offs which indicates Sheridan may not be as focused on the original series, as was the case during the first few seasons. Moreover, fans are growing annoyed with Beth Dutton, describing her as "insufferable" and needing to get killed off the show.

"I feel kinda cheated… I want so much more for this show," one Redditor lamented. Redditors have several issues with the writing and character development. For some, each new season feels like a cookie-cutter version of the previous where a new villain is introduced, characters squabble, and not much happens. The power doesn't shift and none of the main characters are axed from the series.

Finally, there is the debate over the fate of the Dutton ranch. Season five of Yellowstone expects to provide some answers, namely what happens to the land John Dutton (Kevin Costner ) has fought so hard to protect. He's now the governor of Montana – granting him more power and influence – while also seeking to transform the land into a conservation easement.

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However, this strategy has ignited some debate on Reddit. It appears audiences are confused as to why the Dutton ranch is suddenly needing money, as well as who will inherit the territory once John is out of the picture. The speculation runs deep yet most conclude that Kayce (Luke Grimes) seems like the most logical candidate.

While it seems plausible that Jamie or Beth would look to sell the land for a profit, Kayce appears the most likely to continue on the legacy of the Duttons. Perhaps a deal with Rainwater and the nearby Broken Rock reservation may be on the horizon? It's another hotly discussed subject, one of which inspires plenty of theories.

Be that as it may, most fans believe that Yellowstone must end in tragedy. It only makes sense for a family that refuses to cooperate with huge, damaged egos. Otherwise, Yellowstone will lose its identity, lose followers, and fade into oblivion.