Yellowstone Fans Reveal Harsh Feelings Towards Beth: "Everything About Her is Getting Old"

Yellowstone Fans Reveal Harsh Feelings Towards Beth:
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Fans of Yellowstone are beyond annoyed with Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly), or, at least that appears the sentiment on Reddit.

People have been revealing their harsh feelings towards the only daughter of John Dutton, indicating that "everything about her is getting old", she became a parody of herself, and now is the least likable character on the series.

Reddit has always been a popular forum for audiences to voice their frustrations or displeasure with how the direction of a TV series is taking. Accordingly, as Yellowstone recently debuted season five, the animosity toward Beth among Reddit fans is only growing.

The list of complaints toward her range from Beth being cruel and heartless to being too hard on her brother, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley).

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Then, there is criticism regarding how Beth is unable to forgive Jamie for the sterilization and frequently brings up that he was adopted into the Dutton clan. The riff between Beth and Jamie, in particular, seems to rile up audiences.

Indeed, when scanning Reddit for the most popular complaints regarding Beth – the common theme is that audiences take the side of Jamie rather than his sister. The likely explanation for this is that Jamie is a far more relatable character to audiences. For many, Jamie is doing everything in his power to save the family yet Beth is always conniving with her father, John (Kevin Costner), to take him down.

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While Beth may have her reasons for seeking vengeance against Jamie, her cold, catty personality is beginning to rub people the wrong way. It's true, while Beth was never really all that popular on Yellowstone, she is becoming even more despised in season five. The unpopularity of Beth has even drawn some Redditors to beg the writers to kill the character off the show.

Jamie, it would seem, would make the ideal character to finish Beth according to Redditors. "I lose respect for John every time he can't see through [Beth]... Jamie needs to kill her at one point," said one commenter. "[Beth] is a parody of herself," another Redditor added. Meanwhile, among the more amusing posts: "Every time she calls [John] 'daddy' I want to throw the remote at my TV."

Nevertheless, the disdain toward Beth is by design, or some Redditors argue. Taylor Sheridan – the creator of Yellowstone – is notorious for developing characters with noteworthy flaws and unpopular characters. Therefore, others debate, Sheridan purposely envisioned Beth to become the antagonist of the family, and the show. "[Beth] is supposed to be dysfunctional and selfish," one individual argued.

Be that as it may, the annoying Beth is driving some fans away from Yellowstone. As one Redditor summarized, the dynamic between Beth and Jamie is "outright insufferable" by season five. Do you agree or disagree?