Warrior Nun's Creator Launches New Spy Movie with Former James Bond Superstar

Warrior Nun's Creator Launches New Spy Movie with Former James Bond Superstar
Image credit: Netflix, Legion-Media

Hollywood’s been right all along: there is no such thing as a superspy in retirement.


  • Simon Barry, the creator of Netflix ’s Warrior Nun, is working on his first feature movie.
  • A Spy’s Guide to Survival follows a reclusive ex-spy who shares his secrets with a new neighbor.
  • Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond star, will play the lead part in the upcoming movie.

Getting the role of James Bond is one of the most popular aspirations among actors and a great milestone for those select few who succeed. Pierce Brosnan is widely known as the fifth Agent 007 star who portrayed the iconic superspy in four movies before Daniel Craig took over. With that, Brosnan’s spy career could have ended.

But as Hollywood can’t stop telling us in every espionage-focused movie, there’s no such thing as a retired spy, and Pierce Brosnan is now back in this dangerous game.

Warrior Nun’s Creator Goes Spy Boss

Simon Barry is famous for creating Netflix’s Warrior Nun: an immensely popular TV show that got canceled for no good reason, then saved thanks to fans and turned into movies, making news before turning out to be a complete disaster. Having lost his franchise — again, for no good reason — Simon Barry is ready to move on.

The director’s new project is called A Spy’s Guide to Survival and, as you could have guessed, it follows an experienced spy in retirement whose secrets are brought out by his new neighbor alongside the latter’s. The movie will be based on Simon and his father Derek Barry’s story and become Warrior Nun creator’s feature debut.

Pierce Brosnan Is Back to Superspying

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Who could better play a reclusive retired spy than a man who played the world’s most famous active spy before? According to THR, Pierce Brosnan signed the contract to star in A Spy’s Guide to Survival in the lead role, marking his return to the pinnacle of his fame.

If you’ve ever wondered what James Bond’s life could look like in twenty-something years, this upcoming movie will finally give you all the answers.

Getting an entire Agent 007 star to portray an older spy is huge for the movie, and its creators recognize it as such. Simon Barry admitted that he was a longtime Pierce Brosnan fan since the latter’s James Bond movies, and producer Uri Singer claimed that Brosnan was “the perfect fit for this role.”

We couldn’t agree more — here’s to hoping Barry proves himself as skilled with movies as he is with TV shows.

Source: THR