Top 3 Nastiest Villains From Cult Movies That Everyone Hates, According to Reddit 

Top 3 Nastiest Villains From Cult Movies That Everyone Hates, According to Reddit 
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Those three antagonists are not redeemable, fans say.

Writers often develop their main villains as complex antagonists, revealing their inner motives and desires that lead them to perform horrible things. And while sometimes this approach makes the characters look somewhat redeemable, the inhuman brutality of some of the villains can't be tolerated at all.

Here are three worst antagonists to appear in movies, which are just obnoxious and universally hated.

3. Nurse Ratched

First on our list is Nurse Ratched from Miloš Forman's cult classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975).

The nurse is an overbearing, sadistic health worker who abuses her power over the characters confined in the mental asylum. She tortures the patients, controls and punishes them to maintain discipline in the facility, and her compassionate outer appearance makes her actions all the more unsettling.

Nurse Ratched has become the stereotype of a heartless tyrant using her position to make the life of mental patients utterly unbearable.

2. Percy Wetmore

Frank Darabont's legendary The Green Mile (1999) introduced audiences to the equally disturbing villain Percy Wetmore.

The sadistic prison warden takes pleasure in torturing death row inmates. Percy revels in their suffering and constantly abuses his position to assert dominance over those who are weaker than himself.

Wetmore's blatant disregard for human life is particularly hateful — he often deliberately sabotages the execution process, causing unnecessary harm to the prisoners.

1. Dolores Umbridge

It's just impossible not to include Harry Potter 's Dolores Umbridge on the list. The powerful performance by Imelda Staunton makes the character especially heinous in the adaptation of J. K. Rowling's magical saga.

Behind the pink outfits, cat portraits, and evil laughter, viewers can see the real cruelty of Umbridge lurking through. She kicks teachers out of school, tortures the protagonist and his friends, and overthrows Dumbledore.

The character's disregard for the welfare and rights of others is particularly repugnant, asd she enjoys using her position of power to manipulate and control people.

Fans were thrilled when Harry, Ron, and Hermione lured Dolores into the Forbidden Forest and handed her over to the centaurs at the end of Order of the Phoenix.

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