Thought The First Dune Was Boring? The Sequel May Be Right Up Your Alley

Thought The First Dune Was Boring? The Sequel May Be Right Up Your Alley
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Don’t give all hopes up so soon.


  • Dune is a series of films directed by Denis Villeneuve based on Frank Herbert's novel of the same name.
  • The first film was released in 2021, and the second part is scheduled to be released in 2024.
  • Considering the backlash the first film received, Villeneuve promises that the second film will be packed with more action.

Movies can and should be different to appeal to different audiences. Variety in length, genre, visuals, and cast is exactly what makes this art form so appealing to the general public. Pretty much everyone can find something to get excited about at any given time.

Whether you enjoy dreamy animation or hardcore gore, period drama, or special effects-packed superhero movies, they all deserve their place in the theater. There's only one thing a good movie should never be.

A good movie should never be boring, and a boring movie should never be considered good. No matter what emotion the viewer feels while watching, it's better than feeling nothing at all. Even such horrible things as disgust or hate would go to show how a certain scene hit the spot in the viewer’s heart.

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Indifference to what's happening on the screen is one of the biggest indicators of a director's failure. And unfortunately, that is exactly how many viewers felt about Denis Villeneuve's Dune.

While many fans of the original novel by Frank Herbert were impressed with how well the team behind the production managed to recreate the entire dangerous universe surrounding the main characters, some viewers found the movie too slow, too boring, and too hard to sit through from start to finish.

Dune Sequel Is Going To Be Better Than The First

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The director of the series, Denis Villeneuve, is apparently aware of this critique. As a matter of fact, he himself draws a line between the first and the second part of the story. In an interview with GamesRadar+'s Total Film magazine, he spoke a bit more about the differences between the sequels:

"The first movie was more meditative and contemplative. We were following a young man discovering a new planet, a new culture. The second movie… it’s more of an action film than the first part. It’s more muscular," he said.

So don't jump to the premature conclusion that all hope is lost for the franchise if you felt the same way about the first Dune movie. With Villeneuve at the helm and many of the best CGI and set design minds in the entertainment industry, the second installment will only get bigger and better.

Dune: Part Two is slated to be released in theaters on March 1, 2024. Stay tuned for more news and behind-the-scenes updates. You won't want to miss a thing.

Source: GamesRadar+