This 100%-Rated South African Drama Is Ready to Release Season 2 on Netflix

This 100%-Rated South African Drama Is Ready to Release Season 2 on Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Beauty has never been so ugly.

Sometimes you just get tired of the same old stories, same old faces you see in almost every second series, and all you need is a breath of fresh air. And here we are, ready to help you find your new obsession.

In 2022, Netflix South Africa released a series called Savage Beauty, with a strong revenge story at the center of it. The series follows a young woman named Zinhle, who is determined to bring justice to her family.

The thing is, there’s a huge and powerful family company named The Bhengu Beauty, founded by Don Bhengu and his first wife Grace. They managed to become the most popular and biggest beauty company out there, but it seems they have a lot of hidden dark secrets.

Now the company has decided to change its face and wants a new one to represent it. And they have decided that the best option is to hire Zinhle. But Don and the rest of the company don't know who she is... Zinhle and her brother Bonga are the two siblings who were once used as the company's test subjects.

Living on the Bhengu family compound, Zinhle and her brother are exposing the dark truth about the company to the world, but it seems they may be hurting not only Don and Grace, but just too many other innocent people.

“This is a great show! I'm only a few episodes in and it is very soapy and the drama is enough to keep me interested. Also the fashion... I cannot say enough about the fashion,” Redditor MariamRosaWisotsky said.

The first season was very well received by viewers, and the series ended up receiving a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. For two years, fans have been waiting for season 2, and we have good news: the new chapter will be available on Netflix on June 28.