The Boys Showrunner Fooled Everyone as S5 Finale Is Revealed

The Boys Showrunner Fooled Everyone as S5 Finale Is Revealed
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Eric Kripke strikes again, messing with The Boys fans’ finale expectations yet more.

The Boys is a properly unhinged TV show that takes the classic superhero setting and decides that every other character is a power-hungry psychopath that holds no regard for human lives. This concept alone sounds like a breath of fresh air after all the countless Marvel and DC flicks about noble heroes fighting for the cause, so no wonder the series took off — especially with Eric Kripke in charge of production.

But while Eric Kripke makes great shows, he doesn’t trust his knowledge of them.

Kripke Thought The Boys Would Be Longer

Currently famous for The Boys and Gen V, Eric Kripke rose to prominence with Supernatural — and that’s when he also gained his infamy for not knowing his own shows. You see, back when Supernatural was beginning, the showrunner claimed it would be five seasons tops… Which ended up being 15 seasons, instead.

Since then, Kripke has been trying to avoid giving exact numbers — but with The Boys, he did. It was also five. But it was more like “I want to say five but you know me so don’t quote me on that, it’ll probably be more.” See for yourself.

“I need to keep my mouth shut. And so I will. No one was more wrong in all of human history about how many seasons their show was going to go than this guy. So I am not going to make that same mistake twice. Guinness World Record of who is dumbest about how long their show should go, there would literally be a picture of me,” the showrunner laughed with Inverse.

Kripke Fooled Everyone with Finale — Again

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Thanks to Eric Kripke’s very obvious “don’t quote me on that” attitude to his rough five-season estimation of The Boys’ run, fans were convinced the show would follow in Supernatural’s footsteps and be way longer. We were convinced so, too. But while the first time around, it was the showrunner’s confidence that fooled everyone, this time, it was his lack of confidence. Funny how these things work.

“The Boys Season 4 Premiere Week is a good time to announce: Season 5 will be the Final Season! Always my plan, I just had to be cagey till I got the final OK from Vought. Thrilled to bring the story to a gory, epic, moist climax. Watch Season 4 in 2 days, ‘cause the end has begun,” Kripke recently shared on X (formerly Twitter).

So while he explicitly didn’t mean to, The Boys showrunner fooled his fans once again. The Boys will end with Season 5, breaking Kripke’s rigged premonition curse.

Source: Inverse