The Boys Creator Takes Back His Season 5 Promise: 'I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut'

The Boys Creator Takes Back His Season 5 Promise: 'I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut'
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Eric Kripke regrets his finale prediction from 2020 and claims that “no one was more wrong in all of human history” than him.

As a showrunner, Eric Kripke definitely knows his craft. The mastermind behind Supernatural, The Boys, and Gen V has quite a portfolio of successful shows and a great reputation in the industry.

Fans love him and enjoy his insights… Except for when he’s totally, unbelievably wrong about the same thing in the same way for the second time in a row. That happens even to the best of us, but still.

Eric Kripke Is Lowkey Obsessed with Season 5’s

Back in the day when Kripke was just starting his colossal work on Supernatural, he revealed that he planned to make five seasons of the show. We all know how that worked out — but admittedly, the showrunner hasn’t learned much since then. As he started The Boys, he… Did the same thing again, promising a five-season TV show.

“The rough idea in my head is five seasons total, <...> [but for] my last show, Supernatural, I said, ‘Five seasons for sure,’ and then that f*cker went 15. So I’m mostly going to keep my mouth shut, but creatively five feels like a good round number,” Kripke said during a 2020 Q&A session on Twitter (now X).

Now that The Boys has already been renewed for S5 before S4’s premiere, it’s obvious that the series’ finale is nowhere in sight, and Eric Kripke did the same oopsie as with Supernatural… And he’s very self-conscious about it.

Eric Kripke Promised to ‘Shut Up’ About Seasons

Having already missed the mark twice, Kripke is really self-aware about the accuracy of his predictions. The showrunner laughs at himself for always underestimating the length of his shows, promising to ‘shut his mouth’ on this topic in the future.

“That's ridiculous. I need to keep my mouth shut. And so I will. No one was more wrong in all of human history about how many seasons their show was going to go than this guy. So I am not going to make that same mistake twice. Guinness World Record of who is dumbest about how long their show should go, there would literally be a picture of me,” the showrunner told Inverse.

But hey, if anything, Eric Kripke is simply underestimating the popularity of his shows! People love them, so he’s told to make more seasons. Perhaps creatively, he would have stopped at five in both cases, but with how popular Supernatural used to be and The Boys is now, the showrunner simply doesn’t have much of a choice.

Sources: Eric Kripke via Twitter (now X), Inverse