The 24 Best Classic Movies on Netflix to Stream in April

The 24 Best Classic Movies on Netflix to Stream in April
Image credit: Legion-Media

Although Netflix is best known for producing original movies and shows, some of which go on to become hits and win awards, it is also a great source of content for people interested in older cinema. With thousands of movies in its library, Netflix can easily compete with some of the biggest movie archives out there, and gets some extra points for availability, as anyone with money to spend on a subscription can indulge in some oldies anytime, anywhere.

And while the streaming giant's back catalog contains a lot of garbage, there are still some diamonds to be found. And with new classic movies being added to the roster every month, paying for a Netflix subscription feels like the most sensible thing to do.

Here are 24 classic movies on Netflix to stream in April:

In creating this list, we decided to include only true classics, preferring to exclude popular titles in favor of those that have already proven their status by remaining relevant for a few decades.

As you've probably noticed, all genres are represented among the 24 films on the list, as we believe that classic comedy can easily compete with classic drama, even if their vibes and award recognition are very different.

If you are tired of watching only new stuff, then dive right into our selection and it will surely keep you entertained for weeks to come. Happy April, everyone!