Just How Violent Deadpool 3 Will Be? Shawn Levy Says Brace Yourselves

Just How Violent Deadpool 3 Will Be? Shawn Levy Says Brace Yourselves
Image credit: Legion-Media

That R rating does not come out of nowhere.

Deadpool fans may be relieved to hear that the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie will not be toned down to a PG-13 rating, according to director Shawn Levy.

Some fans had been concerned that the mercenary's entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would reduce the level of foulness that has become a signature aspect of the character.

However, Levy's comments suggest that the filmmakers are committed to maintaining the edgy and irreverent spirit of the franchise.

"It is so delicious to hear and write and come up with these scenes where people are just talking foul. And the violence is in your face and hardcore, and it's very much a 'Deadpool' movie," Levy told Collider.

This will really be historical for Marvel, as Deadpool 3 is set to become the studio's very first superhero movie to be so adult-oriented. Marking MCU 's first R-rated installment, the Ryan Reynolds-let film does sound like the Deadpool everybody loves, even though its level of explicitness might be unnerving for Marvel fans who are used to PG-13.

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However, it looks like Levy's bold statements are not convincing enough, as fans still suspect that Marvel's R-rating will not be as audacious as he tries to portray it.

"They also said Multiverse of Madness would be Marvel's first "Horror movie" with "Scary" sequences, and it ended up being a generic, safe, Marvel movie with like 2 slightly unsettling scenes and a boatload of terrible, forced humor with no reason to be in the film," Twitter user DaniyalUmair2 suggested.

Naturally, it's unlikely that Deadpool 3 will be stuffed with The Boys-level gore and violence, but the fans are doubtful that they will at least receive something on par with the first two movies.

Aside from the violence tease, Levy said that there will be "no lack of visual effects", mentioning that it might take the threequel more time in post-production than the two previous movies.

"But it's also a North Star priority for Ryan and I to keep Deadpool raw, gritty, grounded in the ways that those movies have been and that all of us love," he assured.

As of now, fans are only ready to believe it when they see it with their own eyes. This will happen on November 8, 2024 when the movie hits theaters.