Jensen Ackles Returns As Cool Brother After Huge Supernatural Update

Jensen Ackles Returns As Cool Brother After Huge Supernatural Update
Image credit: The CW, CBS

It’s not been long since we received a promising Supernatural reboot update, and Jensen Ackles is already back at it again, playing a cool brother.


  • Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki recently announced their plans and hopes to make a Supernatural reboot.
  • Meanwhile, the Tracker star Justin Hartley announced that Ackles would join the show as his on-screen brother.
  • In Tracker Season 2, Jensen Ackles will play Colter Shaw’s estranged brother who murdered their father and isn’t on the best terms with his sibling.

Remember how Jared Padalecki recently suggested a Supernatural reboot and revealed that he and Jensen Ackles planned it for 2025 back in the day? While we’re waiting for more news on that, the latter star returns to his notorious cool brother typecast in another new TV show. This time, it’s a CBS crime drama that looks mighty promising from where we’re standing.

Tracker: Everything You Need to Know (for Now)

On February 12, 2024, CBS released its new crime drama TV show called Tracker. The series follows a traveling modern bounty hunter who’s capable of finding anyone and uncovering any mystery — for the right price, of course. His name is Colter Shaw, and he’s willing to help civilians and law enforcement alike, in case they need a quick solution to their problems and have some extra cash to take off their hands.

Despite being a relatively low-key series, Tracker debuted with a largely positive response: on Rotten Tomatoes, the new TV show boasts a solid 88% Critic Score, and on IMDb, it has a 6.9/10 score. The series has already been renewed for S2.

Jensen Ackles Joins Tracker As Colter’s Brother

Recently, the Colter Shaw star Justin Hartley shared some news on his Instagram: Jensen Ackles, the notorious Supernatural alum, was set to join Tracker as Russell Shaw, his character’s estranged (and arguably, deranged) brother in Season 2. Understandably, this revelation sent many fans into sensory overload immediately.

That’s right, Ackles is back to playing the cool brother — but with a twist.

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Unlike with the Winchester brother, the Shaws are not exactly on friendly terms. Colter holds something of a grudge against Russell… Because the latter killed their father. We’re expecting conflict, a strained welcome, and gradual warming up — in other words, a whole lot of brotherly drama — in Tracker Season 2.

And, of course, we’re still expecting news about the Supernatural reboot. But at this point, we’ll already have some more of Jensen Ackles to ease the waiting.

Source: Justin Hartley via Instagram