Is Reacher ‘Peak Dad TV’? Alan Ritchson Has a Lot to Say

Is Reacher ‘Peak Dad TV’? Alan Ritchson Has a Lot to Say
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  • - Reacher is a Prime Video TV series adapted from the Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child.
  • - The show has already released 2 seasons and is aiming for a third, which has already been confirmed.
  • - Alan Ritchson, who portrays the titular character Jack Reacher, argues that Reacher is a family show that can unite many audiences.

There's no doubt that Reacher is fast becoming the action series everyone is talking about. After the success of the first season and the development of the story in the second, the future looks bright for the Prime Video show. Renewed for season 3, Reacher is only just beginning to hit its stride.

Alan Ritchson, who portrayed retired cop Jack Reacher, finds his newfound fame amusing and his position somewhat similar to that of his character. The father of two embraces the change in his life and reflects on the current challenges as well as the benefits.

With a premise like that, many people assume that Reacher is a series that will be watched mainly by male audiences.

However, from the actor's personal experience, this assumption would be completely wrong. You'd be surprised how many very different people enjoy the show's western-style setting and fast pace.

Can Children Watch Reacher?

Is Reacher ‘Peak Dad TV’? Alan Ritchson Has a Lot to Say - image 1While the show does not shy away from some pretty graphic scenes and themes, mostly showing violent behaviour, which makes it not suitable for young audiences, Alan Ritchson insists that Reacher is a family show.

In fact, he let his own children watch season 1, with some much-needed supervision, of course.

He talked about it in an interview with GQ, as soon as the title 'Peak Dad TV' was brought up by the interviewer:

“I've shown my kids the show. <...> They loved it, man. For me, it’s not ‘Dad TV’, it's ‘family TV’. I walk down the street and little ladies on their walkers are like “Reacher… Reacher…” It’s such a misnomer to me to qualify this as ‘Dad TV’. But I am a father and I, too, love the show. Maybe it does work.”

Although the term 'family television' is used loosely in this context, it is true that Reacher can unite many generations. The story of a loner, a good man fighting against the world for what's right, can find its way into everyone's heart.

And those who are more sensitive to violence can always skip ahead or look away without losing the plot.

Is Reacher ‘Peak Dad TV’? Alan Ritchson Has a Lot to Say - image 2

Perhaps this is the secret of how Reacher found its way into season 3 so easily. If the show continues to follow the structure suggested by the books, the next season could bring viewers back to the roots.

If you're interested, stay tuned for more Reacher news and updates! In the meantime, you can stream seasons 1 and 2 of the show on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: GQ