Historically Precise: Reddit Picks 3 Best War Movies With Unprecedented Accuracy 

Historically Precise: Reddit Picks 3 Best War Movies With Unprecedented Accuracy 
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These films are great for fans of large-scale battles and costume dramas.

War movies allow us to immerse ourselves in different time periods, learn about important events, and assess their impact on society. However, many war epics are often made into entertainment with numerous historical inaccuracies.

Recently, history buffs on Reddit decided to pick three of the best films that realistically shed light on horrific periods of human history.

3. Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

This movie put Mel Gibson back in the director's chair after a 10-year hiatus and immediately earned him multiple Oscar nominations and two coveted statuettes for Best Sound and Best Editing.

Hacksaw Ridge follows Desmond Doss, a real-life World War II-era Army medic who served during the Battle of Okinawa. Desmond refused to kill on religious grounds and became the first ideological draft dodger in American history to receive the Medal of Honor. In the movie, the medic is portrayed by Andrew Garfield.

The war film is astonishing in its attention to historical detail. And if the story seems like unbelievable fiction to some, Mel Gibson specifically included documentary footage and interviews with Desmond Doss himself, who recounts the events of the battle.

2. Paths of Glory (1957)

This movie by the legendary Stanley Kubrick was added to the National Film Registry in 1992 in recognition of its historical, cultural, and aesthetic merits.

The story takes place in 1916 on the Western Front. For two years, the Allies have been trying to turn the tide of the war against the Germans. Commander General Broulard orders an attack on an impregnable enemy position, but the failure of the operation is obvious.

When the attack proves to be a complete disaster, the general wants to shoot three men for cowardice. Colonel Dax tries in vain to defend the soldiers, who were arbitrarily chosen to cover up the stupidity and ambition of their superiors.

Paths of Glory conveys the harsh realities of trench warfare, the political machinations of the military hierarchy, and the hardships the soldiers have to endure.

1. Apocalypse Now (1979)

Perhaps the most iconic war film, Apocalypse Now was directed by Frances Ford Coppola and awarded the Palme d'Or at Cannes.

The movie follows Captain Willard, who is sent upriver to Cambodia during the Vietnam War on a special mission: to find and kill the crazed Colonel Kurtz, who has created his own cult.

Apocalypse Now captures the essence of the conflict with remarkable accuracy, as its depiction of characters, landscapes, and the sense of chaos contribute to an authentic perception of war.

Coppola's work is not just a war movie, but a reflection on the horrors of bloodshed and the darkness it can awaken in a man.

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