Here's Definitive Proof Harry Potter Would Be Perfect As Anime

Here's Definitive Proof Harry Potter Would Be Perfect As Anime
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Hear us out: the Harry Potter series deserves to have its own animated adaptation, and after tinkering with the idea for a while, we brought you the proof of concept!

Harry Potter is a great series. Both the books and the movies are beloved by millions of people all over the world, and most Potterheads take the time to re-read or re-watch them at least once every year. When Christmas comes, there’s no better feeling than brewing some cocoa, snuggling under a warm blanket, and reliving the wonders of the Wizarding World.

At the same time, most Harry Potter fans who began their journey with the books are not quite happy with the live-action adaptation we already have. Sure, it’s dear to all our hearts, and its phenomenal McGonagall and Snape almost make up for all the inconsistencies, cut plotlines, source material changes, miscasts, and so on…

But not really, they don’t, do they?

The movies are both a blessing and a curse for every Potterhead who loves the book canon, and we have our fair share of doubts that the upcoming HBO TV show will do Harry Potter justice it deserves. Most adaptations fail in that department, and while we’d be the happiest people if the show nails it, we wouldn’t realistically bet on that.

What’s the answer, then? How do we get the perfect Harry Potter adaptation?

It’s really simple: we need an animated series. An anime series. Whatever you want to call it, this is the way to go, and we’re certain that it’s the only way for us to fully experience the story of The Boy Who Lived in its full glory, without the compromises and inconsistencies that plague any and all live-action adaptations these days.

After tinkering with AI for a while, we proved ourselves right in our own eyes. Just look at these pictures of an anime Harry and tell us that you wouldn’t want some talented folks to recreate the entire Harry Potter series in this warm, cozy, and spectacular style! We most definitely would. And we want. We want it now, actually.

Here's Definitive Proof Harry Potter Would Be Perfect As Anime - image 1

An anime adaptation would bypass all the restrictions of live-actions: artists can create anything exactly the way it was described in the books and make it as charming and magical as possible. Keeping true to a fantasy novel is hard when you work with real people in real locations, but anime artists picture a bowl of rice and a fire-breathing dragon all the same.

If by any chance, there is a way to make this dream come true, we as a community need to come together and ensure that one day, we see an anime version of Harry Potter and make our Christmas Wizarding World binges even more magical.

Are you with us on this idea?