General Hospital’s Fans Are Disappointed With Another Flopping Love Triangle

General Hospital’s Fans Are Disappointed With Another Flopping Love Triangle
Image credit: ABC

We’ll only support Trina’s rights from now on.

If there is a single person who struggled the most over the course of 2024 it’s Trina Robinson. From constantly worrying about losing the love of his life to ex-criminal, to actually losing him and suddenly becoming completely irrelevant for writers, she has suffered a lot. And it’s only now that General Hospital seems ready to bring her back.

The only issue is, the writers still don’t seem to believe in her character’s autonomy. The only reason that Trina is now back in focus is the Italian newcomer Gio, portrayed by Giovanni Mazza. And even that supposed love story does not do any justice to Trina’s character at the slightesst.

Will Trina and Gio Get Together?

Since Gio and Trina's introduction scene was a direct rip-off of their iconic scene with Spencer, fans had no doubt that the two would get together. More than that, many even saw some sparks between Tabyana Ali and Giovanni Mazza and decided to give the couple a chance.

After all, if that's what it takes for General Hospital to finally put Ali front and center, for the first time since Spencer has passed away, that's the sacrifice they were willing to make. However, the unnecessary love triangle is where most viewers draw the line. And, unfortunately, this seems to be the case.

While there was certainly something there when they first met, the more episodes air, the more fans start to believe that it's not Trina that Gio might be after. With him making very obvious moves on Joss and looking at her completely smitten, it feels like General Hospital is leading Trina into a love triangle.

What's worse, some fans are starting to think that Trina might just be a plot device for Gio to get closer to Joss. If that's the case, the whole storyline should never have made it to the screen.

The last thing a woman coming out of grief needs is to be used, betrayed by her best friend, and completely heartbroken. If the writers can't at least show her some mercy, maybe Trina shouldn't have been left alone before a truly inspiring and interesting storyline came along.

If you want to see where the story takes Trina, Gio and Joss, be sure to tune in to new episodes of General Hospital Monday through Friday on ABC.