Everything to Know About General Hospital’s Spencer Cassadine Replacement

Everything to Know About General Hospital’s Spencer Cassadine Replacement
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Trina fans aren’t too happy.

It's been less than six months since tragedy struck Port Charles and Trina Robinson said goodbye to the love of her life, Spencer Cassadine. During their several years of romance, the couple became the most popular of General Hospital 's new generation of characters, even earning the title of super couple.

It was expected that Trina would grieve, but after showing two episodes of that, the writers of General Hospital decided that was enough and brought in another character to introduce Trina to. And even though the scene was a copycat of one of Spina's most important moments, the viewers aren’t sold on him yet.

General Hospital’s Gio Palmeri Actor

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While viewers may be on the fence about a possible romance with Trina, they are very likely to fall in love with the new character. After years of begging for some fresh blood, General Hospital fans finally have a chance to get the story going for another Port Charles resident they've never seen before.

Portrayed by Giovanni Mazza, Giovanni Palmeri, introduced as Gio, made his daytime debut in the May 16, 2024 episode, which marked the wedding of Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Harrison Chase. Gio introduced himself as Brook Lynn's cousin and impressed everyone with his violin skills.

As it turns out, insane violin skills are what got Giovanni Mazza discovered in 2015 when he was just 9 years old. Many sports fans may recognize him as the extraordinary teenage violinist who played at the NBA, NCAA, and other events.

Having played the violin since the age of 3 and acting since the age of 7, it was only a matter of time before Mazza landed his first major role on television.

So far, the young actor has only made a couple of brief appearances on television, starring in an episode of NBC's Chicago Fire, but if things work out between Gio and Trina, he may stick around Port Charles. After all, having Sonny as his on-screen uncle could easily land Gio an exciting and highly illegal storyline.

If you are interested in seeing where General Hospital will lead Gio and Trina, and don’t mind giving the newcomer a chance, make sure to tune in to the soap Monday through Friday on ABC.