Dramedy or Comedy? No Hard Feelings Has Fans Divided

Dramedy or Comedy? No Hard Feelings Has Fans Divided
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Jennifer Lawrence’s 2023 movie had some serious undertones.

  • No Hard Feelings is Jennifer Lawrence ’s sex comedy that received mixed reactions.
  • Some fans claim it is indeed a comedy, while others say it’s deeper than it seems and verges toward dramedy.

Jennifer Lawrence has had a rocky history with the public. She used to be a very well-liked celebrity but got a lot of hate after her unfortunate history with her leaked nudes.

She got out of the spotlight for a couple of years, and then came back, her Oscar-winning skills ready to conquer the movie scene again. They fit perfectly into No Hard Feelings, a 2023 comedy that showed some serious potential to be a dramedy thanks to the way some issues were handled.

Firstly, there is no doubt that the movie is hilarious, though fans are divided—some thought the gags were cheap or didn’t work that well, but many thought the jokes were good, though they wouldn’t revolutionize comedy.

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J-Law’s acting makes a lot of scenes much better, probably something that wouldn’t have happened with a less experienced actress. The beach scene alone deserves all the recognition it got, both in terms of unexpected humor and the way they showed a naked female body without sexualizing it.

Secondly, while there are some funny lines and jokes, and the plot overall is a bit ridiculous, the movie addresses some significant issues that usually get overlooked in modern cinema. The subject of sex, for example, is pervasive on all levels in the media today, but it can be a bit vulgar or unnecessary if not handled with care.

No Hard Feelings discusses both the age gap and consent, topics that could give you points for virtue signaling, but it does it so very carefully and from the point of view of a middle-aged woman, no less—and that alone deserves respect.

There were many heartfelt dramatic scenes that could’ve ended very badly with a joke, leaving a sour taste in your mouth, like modern Marvel movies are prone to do. None of that happens on No Hard Feelings; they don’t cheapen the dramatic moments, opting for a heart-to-heart and getting a message across.

This movie is about two people and their journeys that intertwine at some points in their lives. The people are both flawed, and very different, but they become good and unlikely friends in the end. Their development is what makes this movie good, edging it out of the comedy category into dramedy.