Disney About to Start Axing Marvel Projects, but Which Ones Will It Be?

Disney About to Start Axing Marvel Projects, but Which Ones Will It Be?
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Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed his intention to get rid of “extra” projects, including some in the MCU. Scratch that; he’s actually already gone ahead and done that.


  • Disney boss Bob Iger announced his intention to cancel several Marvel projects to make room for the most important ones.
  • According to Iger, such decisions must be made to ensure the quality of the MCU and its bright future.
  • The biggest upcoming movies like the new FF and Avengers should be safe.

In the past few years, big-name and big-budget projects have been harder and harder to justify in terms of their quality and, consequently, their box office revenue.

Disney has especially felt it with the MCU thanks to the audience’s superhero fatigue and the generally declining thrill of its latest movies. Bob Iger, the Disney CEO, decided to solve this problem, and he’s not afraid of radical measures.

Disney to Ax Multiple Marvel Projects

Recently, the Disney boss revealed his intention to cut down several big projects he “didn’t believe in anymore” to make room and resources for the more important ones. According to Bob Iger, canceling movies is always a tough call since it affects so many people, but it’s a call that must be made nonetheless sometimes — like right now.

“You have to kill things you no longer believe in, and that’s not easy in this business. <...> We reduced the output of Marvel, both number of films they make and the number of TV shows, and that really becomes critical, but I feel good about the team. <...> We look years ahead, really. And it’s iterative,” the Disney boss told THR.

Bob Iger completely rejected the idea of superhero fatigue affecting the MCU’s performance: according to him, the audience cares little about the genre and will always watch a film if it’s great. The Disney boss used Oppenheimer as an example, claiming it was a “fantastic film” which deserved all the attention it received.

As a side note, Oppenheimer’s not a superhero movie… But we’re getting distracted.

Which Marvel Movies Will Be Canceled?

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Seeing how Bob Iger is eager (sorry) to get rid of the “extra” Marvel projects, fans are understandably guessing which ones will have to be axed down. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation just yet, there are some safe assumptions.

The new Fantastic Four and the two upcoming Avengers movies are definitely still on the table, seeing how they’re crucial for the MCU.

The fourth Captain America is likely safe, too; everything else, we’re not so sure.

We have reasons to believe that TV shows will be Iger’s primary targets for cancellation, though, as the MCU stands on its movies, not its series.

Source: THR