Disastrous DCU Update Makes Henry Cavill's Witcher Exit That Much Worse

Disastrous DCU Update Makes Henry Cavill's Witcher Exit That Much Worse
Image credit: Netflix

The Witcher: Blood Origin series release on December 25 is on everybody's mind today but the aftershocks of Henry Cavill's departure from the original series are still felt across The Witcher universe.

As we all know, the Geralt of Rivia actor's exit from the franchise was allegedly caused by the way the production team and the writers treated Andrzej Sapkowski's books, i.e. source material.

The upcoming Season 3 of the show will be the last to star Cavill as Geralt as the role will be taken over by Liam Hemsworth. Another reason to bid farewell to Netflix 's The Witcher project was Cavill's involvement in the DCU as he reprised his Superman role in Black Adam.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Superman is to make another cameo in Flash and Cavill did shoot his bit already in September. Right about the same time, he posted a video on Instagram making an official statement that he was making a comeback as Superman.

"I wanted to make it official — I am back as Superman," the actor said in the video. At the time of the posting there was nothing wrong with it.

But what about now?

This is something to be worried about as the new DCU top brass – James Gunn and Peter Safran – have not yet released their detailed plan for the DCU overhaul. What we know for sure is that the overhaul is imminent. They have a new vision for the future of the universe, something which not everybody welcomes by the way. Who of the superheroes will stay and who will go?

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It has been reported by THR that Black Adam sequel was no longer planned, Wonder Woman 3 was cancelled while Man of Steel 2 was no longer in active development as the new bosses want to put an end to Snyderverse and its characters.

And the big question is if Flash will keep Cavill's Superman cameo or will DC Studios scrap it altogether because they have no plans to continue with Superman. Rumor has it the cameo is a bone of contention now.

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So far, these are only rumors. Can Gunn and Safran really shut down Superman for good? It would be just logical to surmise that Superman will somehow be rebooted with Cavill keeping his character.

But imagine that Superman is scrapped. This would certainly make Cavill's departure from The Witcher truly sad because the actor was dubbed the perfect Geralt. And it would be just as bad for the Superman movies because the actor is also seen as the iconic Superman our generation loves so much. Seeing these two roles taken away from Cavill does really make you want to cry.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will debut on December 25. Season 3 of the original series is scheduled to be released in the middle of 2023.