Biggest Grey's Anatomy Star Joins Only Murders in the Building Season 3

Biggest Grey's Anatomy Star Joins Only Murders in the Building Season 3
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As the comedy-drama series heads into its third season, here come new big names on the list.

Grey's Anatomy icon Jesse Williams, who is also known as "the guy from Detroit: Becoming Human", has joined the cast of Only Murders in the Building season 3.

While little has been immediately disclosed about his role, we do know that he will portray a documentarian with an interest in the case that Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) are investigating.

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Fans are now jokingly wondering whether Williams will portray "a doctor or an android", hinting at Jesse's two most prominent roles. In Grey's Anatomy, Williams played Dr. Jackson Avery, and in Becoming Human, he played a robot named Markus. Looks like his addition to the cast of Only Murders in the Building is good news for fans, as they say that casting announcements for season 3 are only getting better.

The series, which follows three unlikely friends living in the same New York City building, follows them embarking on a mission to look into a real-life murder mystery as they bond over their own love for true crime. And while the self-anointed detectives delve into the secrets of their building, we get a lot of dramatic and comedic moments to witness.

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Season 1 was focused on them investigating the death of their neighbor Tim Kono, with the next season following their investigation of the murder of their building's board president. What other mysteries are to be unveiled in upcoming season 3? We'll get to know sooner or later, with Jesse Williams joining not just Gomez, Short and Martin, but also Ant-Man star Paul Rudd.

The premiere date for the third season is yet to be scheduled. The first two seasons of Only Murders in the Building are available for streaming on Hulu.