Grey's Anatomy's Never Been Good with Sex Scenes, but Season 19 is the Worst

Grey's Anatomy's Never Been Good with Sex Scenes, but Season 19 is the Worst
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Season 19 of Grey's Anatomy is currently gracing our screens and episode 3 has caught a lot of people's attention.

Entitled "Let's Talk About Sex", the episode sees Bailey recruit interns to create social media content and videos to inform teens about sex and sexual health. The clips end up hitting home when a student has some medical complications. Somewhat bizarrely, the videos are filmed in front of a group of high schoolers at Grey Sloan.

Sex content of episode 3 and what we think about it

Season 9 Episode 3 certainly dished up a lot of sex education – and it's no surprise a sex scene or two made the cut either.

Over the hour-long episode, we were hit with how women are failed with education about their bodies and health as well as some sexual frustration – when Blue exclaimed that he'd never put a condom on something as small as a banana, it certainly piqued Jules' curiosity!

Other encounters included Owen and Teddy getting it on despite a marital tiff, Link massaging Jo's feet and finding an erogenous zone, Kai and Amelia hooking up in a hotel room, and Kwan and Millin getting it on in the locker room despite her not even liking him (she exclaims). All in all, there was a lot of sex.

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But were the sex scenes any good? And how did they compare to previous sex scenes in the show?

Grey's Anatomy isn't great with sex scenes

Compared to other series that contain a lot of intermingling and hook-ups, Grey's Anatomy doesn't seem to do sex scenes very well.

Grey's Anatomy is aimed at those aged 15+ and so it could do more with its scenes than we currently get. As far as sexual content goes, GA only really starts a scene when sex has ended or ends a scene when sex has started. It's also had some terrible sex-related storylines in the past too. These include the hospital syphilis outbreak that showed that many of them were sleeping with each other without protection, and when Lexie was childish about her dad having a sex life – as if older people can't enjoy sex.

Is season 19 the worst?

When the third Episode of the season is entitled "Let's Talk About Sex," Grey's Anatomy probably should have done better with its sex scenes. After all, they've just spent a whole hour educating people on women's sexual and reproductive health, consent, and erogenous zones – surely they could have put that into practice a little more? Sex scenes aside, the show is clearly popular and its popularity isn't likely to go down because of its poor depiction of sex.