5 Trash Acting Moments That You've Missed On Glee

5 Trash Acting Moments That You've Missed On Glee
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It’s not bad, it’s campy.

Of all the flaws Glee had, bad acting was never really one of them. The cast was full of talented people who did their best to work with the scripts they were given at the time, and when those scripts did not make sense, they were sure to cover it up with comedic delivery.

Anyone who was a fan of Glee back in the day can remember at least one great scene with every single one of the characters, good enough to be called a favorite. It's the bad ones that our memories tend to repress. However, there were a few misses that were just too hard to forget.

Here are 5 Glee scenes that were ruined by acting, not a lack of meaning.

Quinn Crying After Finn Finds Out The Truth

In general, Dianna Agron's acting was nothing but a pleasure to watch. However, in this particular scene, something must have gone horribly wrong, because by the end, it was impossible to watch without smirking slightly. In contrast to Cory Monteith's strong performance in the same scene, her reaction seems even more forced.

Tina’s Stutters Before Hate On Me

As a nod to her shy personality at the beginning of the series, Tina's stutter was always meant to be fake. However, that particular delivery of that particular line has been a source of cringe for fans on every re-watch of the show. We g-g-g-get the purpose. But it doesn't make it any better.

Blaine Finding Chandler’s Texts

This scene can be used as the very definition of overacting. Although Darren Criss later proved to be a great dramatic actor, his facial expressions and the hysterical undertones in his voice were not believable at all. Even if Blaine had always been a drama queen, he wouldn't have acted so embarrassingly in such a vulnerable moment.

Puck’s Deep Scenes

Unfortunately, Mark Salling's performance as Puck lacked any kind of emotional depth. He had good comedic timing and was perfect for the role of the bully, but every time a scene needed something more, many viewers found him to be simply not present enough. Instead, Puck ended up looking phony.

Rory Flanagan

While it's not exactly the fault of actor Damian McGinty, most of Rory's scenes were as badly written as they were acted. His best scene was when he left, which says a lot about how little the Glee writers tried to include him in the story. Well, we are glad that he got his moment to shine.