Young Sheldon's Mary and George Aren't The Worst Parents After All

Young Sheldon's Mary and George Aren't The Worst Parents After All
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All hope is not lost on them.


  • Young Sheldon is the CBS sitcom that acts as a prequel to another hit series, The Big Bang Theory.
  • The show explores the life of the Coopers, a simple Texas family in the early 90s.
  • Although some fans claim that both George and Mary are horrible parents, examples from the show prove otherwise.

If you were asked to name a perfectly sane, healthy, normal family from a sitcom, you would probably have trouble coming up with an answer. To make the stories funnier, writers tend to exaggerate the flaws of the characters and push all the conflicts they have with each other to the limit.

This not only keeps the audience entertained, but also makes them grateful not to be in that situation. Compared to the Dunphys of Modern Family or The Simpsons, most of the problems we face in real life seem very boring and minor, which helps to build a positive outlook.

However, no matter how flawed the characters may be, family is still a priority for most of them. Young Sheldon's Mary and George Coopers are no exception to this rule. Although they both make some serious mistakes, they are very decent caretakers, especially by 90s standards.

Mary and George Cooper Best Moments

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Although many people blame Mary, she had her share of good moments with all of her children. Over the course of the show, she has tirelessly tended to Sheldon's needs, spoiling him and sacrificing her own life to move to Germany with him, but she has also never neglected Missy and Georgie.

It was Mary who made a baseball trophy for Missy just to make her feel better. It was Mary who listened to Missy and dropped everything to check on Paige when Missy thought she wasn't feeling well. Even when Georgie got angry with Veronica for dating someone else, she did everything she could to comfort him.

George also made sure to be there for his son, even tucking him in when Meemaw took him to the bar. He was the best father he could be to Missy, helping her turn her crush into a baseball passion. He was sweet and understanding, and he certainly earned his spot as a favorite parent.

Both could have been better, of course. Mary's religiousness sometimes makes her more strict with her children than is necessary, which puts their relationships to the test. George, on the other hand, could have been more involved in the kids' lives and taken a little more interest in them instead of sports on TV and beer bottles.

But if you look at the Cooper family through the prism of the '90s, you'll be more than surprised at how good of parents they actually are. To see if that will continue in the final season of Young Sheldon, be sure to tuned in to CBS on February 15, 2024.