Young Sheldon Ignored One of the Coolest TBBT Sheldon's Stories

Young Sheldon Ignored One of the Coolest TBBT Sheldon's Stories
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The Big Bang Theory prequel which is currently in its sixth season has a hard time incorporating all the cool childhood stories Sheldon had told his friends over the years.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon has featured some pretty dramatic plot twists. The whole Cooper family is affected by the unexpected news of Georgie and Mandy 's pregnancy. Even Sheldon developed anticipatory anxiety after the shocking news.

However, one exciting twist that had been described in the parent show was totally ignored by the prequel and the chance of this storyline being featured in future episodes is becoming thinner and thinner.

Over the 12-year run of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon told the Pasadena gang numerous cool stories about his childhood. Many of them inspired amazing storylines in Young Sheldon. But with the way things are shaping up for the boy genius in Season 6, it is very unlikely one of the most epic Sheldon's stories will be featured in the prequel.

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In Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon told his friends a story about the time he had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital because of radiation burns he got building a CAT scanner. According to adult Sheldon, it happened when he was 12.

In Season 6 of Young Sheldon, the child prodigy is approaching 13 years old which gives the show little time to feature the story. But not a single one of the ongoing storylines can possibly lead to radiation burns. Sheldon is busy with a grant database at East Texas Tech which is very different from a CAT scanner.

Another reason to believe the prequel is ignoring one of the coolest Sheldon's stories is that Missy doesn't have a guinea pig mentioned in the story. According to Sheldon, he put Snowball, the pet guinea pig belonging to his sister, in the CAT scanner he built.

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It resulted in Snowball bursting into flames and dying. Probably, it's a good thing Young Sheldon has no indication of this heartbreaking part of the story ever taking place in the future.

On the other hand, the part where Sheldon gets injured and needs air transportation to a hospital could become a good way to reunite the Cooper family and shift the focus back to the boy genius. With Sheldon's arcs primarily taking place at East Texas Tech, he no longer feels like the lead character of his own show.