Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan Under Fire After Insulting Classic Movie

Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan Under Fire After Insulting Classic Movie
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Even if you’ve created the biggest TV show of the past years, it may be unwise to trash-talk the golden classics of cinema.


  • Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, has always been known for being harsh and direct with his opinions.
  • Recently, Taylor Sheridan fired shots at Tom Hanks’s Forrest Gump, calling the movie “preaching.”
  • Fans didn’t appreciate his opinion and argued that for the creator of Special Ops: Lioness, he spoke too much.

For his showrunner genius, Taylor Sheridan is just as famous for his ruthless directness and brutal honesty. When the Yellowstone creator catches someone lacking — even if it’s Harrison Ford himself — he blatantly tells it; if he hates something, he addresses it without concern about others’ reactions.

Recently, Sheridan visited the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and shared his opinion on a classic (and unanimously acclaimed) movie… No one liked it.

Taylor Sheridan Got Candid On Forrest Gump

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When talking on JRE, the Yellowstone creator touched on the topic of storytelling and revealed his position. According to Sheridan, the storyteller’s goal is to make the audience think by giving them many questions to figure out on their own — not give them a bunch of entitled answers, like Forrest Gump did, in his opinion.

“I can't stand to pay money and have somebody preach to me; that's the reason I hated Forrest Gump. This f*cking idiot was the only guy who could figure out the world? <...> He's just gonna go on a run across America and everyone's just gonna follow him, and heal the country? What is this sh*t?” Sheridan wondered.

While on the topic of storytelling, the Yellowstone creator’s position makes a lot of sense, his “review” of the Hollywood’s golden classic left many fans fuming.

Sheridan Took Shots For Hating On Forrest Gump

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As predictable as it was, the Internet didn’t appreciate Taylor Sheridan’s trash-talking Forrest Gump. Fans rushed to defend Tom Hanks’s most classic and beloved movie, and the Yellowstone creator suddenly became the target instead of the shooter.

“And yet 25 years later, we all still know and talk about that movie. Know what won’t be talked about? Yellowstone. Focus on your art and don’t tear down others’. Really bad look and smacks of jealousy that they couldn’t create a work that will stand the test of time,” X (formerly Twitter) user Aaron2112 remarked.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a proper backlash without people reminding Sheridan about his recent Special Ops: Lioness which many consider a failure, or asking him to “stay on his ranch.” As rude as these answers sound, there’s one thing we’re certain of: for Taylor Sheridan, they don’t mean a thing. The man has always been ruthlessly open about his opinions — and never cared for what others had to say.

Source: Joe Rogan Experience Daily Clips via YouTube