Taylor Sheridan Insulted Harrison Ford After His Compliment: 'What the F*ck Did You Make as Good as This?'

Taylor Sheridan Insulted Harrison Ford After His Compliment: 'What the F*ck Did You Make as Good as This?'
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Taylor Sheridan takes immense pride in his neo-Western shows, and he won’t take any title but “the greatest of all time” from anyone — including even Harrison Ford.

After Yellowstone, it’s hard to not know who Taylor Sheridan is. Probably the most autonomous and ambitious producer of this century, he’s a proud man who thinks he can achieve anything — and he’s willing to admit he has the “God’s complex” if that’s what you want to call it. Sheridan gets his job done, and that’s all that matters to him.

When Yellowstone turned out to be a phenomenal success, the producer decided to keep going, and now, an entire Yellow-verse is well underway: with two shows already out and at least six more cooking, Sheridan is ready to conquer every living person’s night hours with his brutal and unforgiving neo-Western projects.

One of the prequels, namely, 1923, stars none other than Harrison Ford. While the legendary actor had never done a show like this before, he was enchanted with Taylor Sheridan’s vision…and the no-BS approach. Sheridan was ruthless in his negotiations with Ford and wanted an immediate answer.

“I said, ‘’We’re going to do this thing together.’ He goes, ‘Can I read the script?’ I said, ‘You can when it’s written, but it ain’t written yet and you got to commit to it now. <...> So, are you going to do it or are you going to watch Chris Cooper do the next great thing? What do you want to do?’” Sheridan recalls their conversation.

He convinced Ford to accept the deal weeks before the script was even ready, and while the initial contract was for only one season, the producer claims that the movie icon wanted to get on board the second season right after the first one was done. Ford complimented Sheridan’s genius, but the latter didn’t take the wording lightly.

“They were so eager to continue it…Harrison made a comment at one point, he goes, ‘Taylor, I think I’m making the best thing I’ve made in 20 years.’ And my response to him was, ‘What the f*ck did you make 20 years ago as good as this? What was that? I missed that one. What was it?’” Sheridan chuckles.

Admittedly, even from Harrison Ford himself, Taylor Sheridan won’t take any title other than “the greatest of all time”...and while that’s partially the reason he’s often accused of having the “God’s complex,” he really doesn’t mind. As long as movie icons as grand as Ford praise him, he’s totally fine with whatever you call him.

Source: Deadline