Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Knows the Show's Finale — But Not Beth Dutton's Fate

Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Knows the Show's Finale — But Not Beth Dutton's Fate
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Taylor Sheridan keeps his stars in the dark about their characters’ finales despite their knowing all the major events of Season 5 Part 2.

The Yellowstone finale is fast approaching, with Season 5 Part 2 having already entered production and scheduled to premiere in November 2024, and Kevin Costner being 100% off the hook. But even though the show’s ending is closer than ever, Taylor Sheridan still doesn’t let his star actors in on the biggest secret: what will happen to their characters in the finale.

Sheridan Didn’t Really Change the Finale

While Kevin Costner’s exit from Yellowstone made the showrunner significantly alter his plans and shorten the total run time for seasons, he didn’t need to change the finale itself, it seems. According to the Beth Dutton star Kelly Reilly, the entire cast has known what to expect from the ending for years by now, and that’s still true.

“I mean, I know the ending of the show, which I’ve known for six years. We all knew what the ending would be. We’re going to film that this summer,” she told TVLine.

But knowing the general direction of the finale and its fine details are two different things, and it seems Taylor Sheridan has been keeping the latter a secret.

Reilly Doesn’t Know Beth Dutton’s Fate

As unlikely as it may be, the exact endings of all major Yellowstone characters have not yet been disclosed to their actors. So while Kelly Reilly has known the grand finale itself for ages, she’s still pretty clueless about whatever will happen to Beth Dutton personally. She has some hopes and guesses about it, though.

“What would I hope for her? Peace, I think. As possible as it is for any of us. Peace requires some digging and some surrender and letting go of old pains and hurts. I certainly believe that she can find that. Whether or not that’s possible, I don’t know. She’s such a warrior, isn’t she? Her reason to be is to protect. Her reason to be is to fight. But I’d like to see that for her,” Reilly shared.

So… No insights for us, folks: the lead star herself is pretty clueless on what to expect. One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s that we also hope for Beth Dutton to finally find peace. If anyone has deserved it so far, it’s her.

Source: TVLine