Yellowstone Headed for Disaster? Behind-the-Scenes Drama Reaches Breaking Point

Yellowstone Headed for Disaster? Behind-the-Scenes Drama Reaches Breaking Point
Image credit: Paramount+

Yellowstone fanatics may not want to hear it, but the show is trending more and more in the wrong direction each day.

Rumors and gossip continue to spill out of Hollywood regarding the most popular show on cable television. And, the latest report regarding Kevin Costner is even more explosive than the original news that emerged.

It claims the 68-year-old actor wants to permanently leave Yellowstone because his relationship with the series creator – Taylor Sheridan – has deteriorated to such a point that it's no longer amicable.

According to the initial report released by Puck, the feud between the two Hollywood heavyweights has been forming for some time.

There are numerous explanations for the dispute. For starters, Costner has plans to write, direct, and star in his own western called Horizon 2, with production scheduled to begin later this year.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone still needs to wrap up shooting for the remainder of season five (which is currently stuck in the middle of a break).

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The plan was for new Yellowstone episodes to return this summer, however, that timeframe no longer looks feasible.

Costner reportedly is demanding less and less time on Yellowstone with each passing season. Recently, Sheridan confirmed that Costner has made certain requests that have made it difficult to work with the lead star.

Sheridan claims that Costner has been demanding a higher salary along with more money for promotional appearances. Furthermore, the showrunner added that Costner has been more combative since contracting COVID-19.

The actor tested positive for the illness while appearing at a Yellowstone promotional event at the Calgary Stampede.

Accordingly, he was forced to miss time from shooting the show, time that Sheridan insists Costner refused to make up for after recovering from the illness.

However, this is something that Costner's side strongly disputes, with his legal team releasing a statement that he adhered to all the terms of his contract.

Rather, it was Sheridan insisting on rewrites and reshooting scenes that caused the additional days of shooting.

It's never a good sign when people are getting the media and lawyers involved. Sheridan seems comfortable with drumming up dirt with prominent Hollywood publications.

Meanwhile, Paramount hides behind blanket statements, and Costner has issued nothing that hasn't gone through an attorney.

None of this looks optimistic for the cast and crew pulling things together for a return that was supposed to begin in March or April.

What's more, Paramount may also be preparing for an alternative should Costner decide to walk. It's been reported that Matthew McConaughey is being considered as a replacement.

In the end, Paramount answers to money. Yellowstone, and its numerous spinoffs, account for a quarter of all of the viewership on the streaming service (Paramount+).

It doesn't even begin to examine how popular the show is on cable TV and the income that also brings in for the network. Thus, Paramount is dependent on Yellowstone whether it wants to admit it or not.

And, some might argue, this means Paramount answers to Taylor Sheridan. If that is true, and Sheridan is frustrated with Costner, it may finally be time for the two sides to split before things get any worse.