Will Netflix's The Sandman Follow the Comics? Episode Titles Point to Yes

Will Netflix's The Sandman Follow the Comics? Episode Titles Point to Yes
Image credit: Netflix

Are we getting a comic-accurate DC superhero TV show?

It looks like Netflix is largely going to follow the storyline of the comic books in its TV adaptation of 'The Sandman ' – at least that's what fans are hoping for after seeing the episode titles.

Here is the list of titles for Season 1 episodes:

  • Episode 1 – 'Sleep of the Just'
  • Episode 2 – 'Imperfect Hosts'
  • Episode 3 – 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'
  • Episode 4 – 'A Hope in Hell'
  • Episode 5 – '24/7'
  • Episode 6 – 'The Sound of Her Wings'
  • Episode 7 – 'The Doll's House'
  • Episode 8 – 'Playing House'
  • Episode 9 – 'Collectors'
  • Episode 10 – 'Lost Hearts'

According to fans, it would seem that the show is going to stick to the first two arcs of the comics "quite closely".

For instance, the first episode is named just like the first issue of the comic book – 'Sleep of the Just', while episode 9 is named after issue #14 – 'Collectors'. Episode 7, in its turn, shares the title with the second trade paperback – 'The Doll's House'.

It seems that fans are generally satisfied with the direction the upcoming show is going to take – a pretty unusual reaction when it comes to comic book adaptation. Moreover, casual viewers, not familiar with Neil Gaiman 's work, most likely will be surprised by a couple of creative choices (and maybe not in a pleasant way).

"At least 24/7 isn't a standalone, and gets some conclusion in the end as opposed to it just being the horror story. And then Collectors, too. Four episodes away. Parents' groups (or their 2022 equivalent) are gonna be mad." – /whiporee123

Netflix first announced the adaptation in 2019. Neil Gaiman, the creator of the original comic book series, is among the executive producers, with Allan Heinberg serving as the showrunner.

Titular character Dream will be portrayed by Tom Sturridge, joined by Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne, Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian.

The show is expected to premiere on August 5, streaming exclusively on Netflix.