Wild Tom Cruise Deepfake Proves He'd Look Extra Creepy as Iron Man

Wild Tom Cruise Deepfake Proves He'd Look Extra Creepy as Iron Man
Image credit: Legion-Media

The video showing Tom Cruise as Iron Man made fans celebrate the casting choices of Marvel Studios.

It is hard to imagine someone other than Robert Downey Jr. as a billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. It seems the actor was born for this role. However, Downey Jr. was not the only one Marvel Studios considered back at the time.

Tom Cruise once told IGN that he was asked to look into the role of Iron Man, but rejected the offer. This fact was not forgotten by Iron Man fans, who with the rise of the multiverse in the MCU were expecting to see Tom Cruise play a version of Iron Man at some point.

Actually, there was quite a popular fan theory that we'd get a chance to meet Tom Cruise's Stark as a member of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. What a hilarious Easter Egg this would make! But Cruise seems to be sticking to his decision to not join the MCU, and it is probably a good thing.

A short viral video published by the YouTube channel stryder HD showed how Tony Stark would look if played by Tom Cruise. The author used deepfake to recreate the scene from the first Iron Man. The video is titled IRON MAN 4 – First Look Trailer.

In the description, the author lamented the fact that Marvel never got to produce the fourth installment in the Iron Man franchise requested by fans, and the death of Tony Stark at the end of Endgame made Iron Man 4 impossible. The author pitched their idea for the fourth movie plot based on a seven-issue Iron Man story arc, Armor Wars.

In Armor Wars, Iron Man tracks down villains using his technology. But in his pursuit, Stark forgets about how powerful his tech is and becomes reckless. It leads to the conflict between Stark and Captain America, their fight, and eventually Stark's tenuous position in the Avengers.

Armor Wars could draw fun parallels with Captain America: Civil War. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are again on opposing sides, but this time the outlaw is Stark. Such a movie especially released between Civil War and Infinity War could give fans more time to say goodbye to both beloved characters.

While fans loved the idea for the now-impossible Iron Man 4, the face of Tom Cruise on Tony Stark was given a much cooler reception. Fans agreed that it was a blessing that Cruise rejected the role and Robert Downey Jr. was cast for it.

"Why do I love Tom Cruise but don't want him to play Tony Stark? Because RDJ's portrayal of Stark was so good that we can't even imagine Iron Man without him," one fan commented under the video.