Why Harry Potter Couldn't Just Drink The Luck Potion To Defeat Voldemort?

Why Harry Potter Couldn't Just Drink The Luck Potion To Defeat Voldemort?
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This question is even more controversial than the possibility of flying to Mount Doom by eagles in LotR.

Felix Felicis potion, also known as liquid luck, is arguably one of the most controversial moments in the Harry Potter story. The wizards have a potion that can solve any problem.

So what's next? Does anyone even remember its existence when another difficult situation arises?

No, Harry used it once to get an answer from Professor Slughorn, and Slughorn himself admitted to using the potion twice. So why couldn't Harry just drink the potion to defeat Voldemort quickly and surely?

Felix Felicis is a huge plot hole created by J.K. Rowling. The potion's benefits were too strong, so Rowling had to add a bunch of side effects to it, which somehow must explain the complete absence of the potion throughout the story.

Rowling, in response to questions from fans, gave several arguments to support the fact that frequent use of Felix is not very convenient and not even safe in the magical world of Harry Potter.

First, she claimed that some ingredients, such as Occamy eggshells, are very difficult to find, especially in the quantities needed to make a potion.

Second, the potion takes six months to prepare. Thirdly, the slightest mistake or inaccuracy in the preparation of the potion can lead to tragic consequences for the one who prepares it.

And let's not forget that even if you make it correctly, there is a risk of serious poisoning if one takes too much of it.

Most likely, the fact that it is extremely difficult to make is the main factor that this potion is not used frequently.

Even Hermione, who could make any potion, had great difficulty with Felix Felicis, not to mention the less industrious and talented wizards.

There is also a theory that Felix Felicis is not actually a luck potion, but a kind of doping.

According to this theory, when Harry drank the potion, he didn't become more lucky, but simply gained a lot more confidence in himself, which allowed him to see things from a different perspective and improves his sense of social insight.

Harry used an emotional lever by mentioning his parents in front of Slughorn – it was as if he had read the professor like a book and understood how to put pressure on him.

Harry also did things he could have done without the potion.

For example, he cast a self-filling spell on the professor's cup, but he was practicing nonverbal spells before that. The only thing that changed was his confidence.

Well, it's not like he could use some of it during his final battle with Voldemort, though...