Whovians Waited 60 Years for a Musical Episode, but Now They May Get Several

Whovians Waited 60 Years for a Musical Episode, but Now They May Get Several
Image credit: Disney +, BBC One

Sometimes patience pays off.


  • Doctor Who is a BBC sci-fi series which airs for more than 60 years and has a massive following all over the world.
  • Through the years, Doctor Who went through a variety of showrunners and eras, but never leaned into its campiness fully.
  • That is before the Disney takeover and the era of Ncuti Gatwa ’s 15th era that promises to give fans not one, but several musical episodes.

To say that Ncuti Gatwa has already made a stunning impression on the Doctor Who fandom would be an understatement. Ever since the actor was announced as the iconic alien, fans have been buzzing, but his introduction in a third 60th anniversary special and the character's establishment in the Christmas episode sent the fandom over the edge.

Now that a date has been set for the premiere of season 1 (or series 14, for the most loyal fans), Whovians around the world are left to share their wishes and predictions for the upcoming batch of episodes. One thing is for sure, the Doctor will have quite a journey ahead of him.

Will There Be a Doctor Who Musical Episode?

Although viewers already had a chance to check out the 15th Doctor's vocals in the Christmas special episode, it doesn't look like that's the last we'll be hearing from him. Judging by the trailer that was released a few days ago, Doctor Who is fully embracing its new era, and it's going to be quite a musical one.

Looking at the trailer, there are at least three clues that could possibly point to the musical numbers that will be incorporated into the episodes. Two of them have to do with the show's special guests: Jonathan Groff, who appears in a Bridgerton- like ballroom setting, and Jinkx Monsoon, whose character has some musical elements in her performance.

While there were no promises that Tony-nominated, Broadway-trained actor Jonathan Groff would appear singing, it would have been great to hear him harmonize with Gatwa's Doctor, especially since we know there will be some kind of tension between their characters. Monsoon's villain could also use music against the Doctor in other ways.

The third moment, though, looked like it involved a whole Glee- style dance flash mob, which would have been a perfect backdrop for a little sing-off. When will that happen? We don't know yet, but the Doctor's look suggests a trip back to the 60s.

Although many long-time fans of Doctor Who feared that the show would lose its unique style and sparkle under Disney, that doesn't seem to be the case so far. Quite the opposite, the show is leaning into the fun side of things without losing the dangerous feel.

If you want to see what the new era of Doctor Who will bring, be sure to tune in on May 11th on Disney Plus.