Where's Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman Now, 6 Years After Her Last Appearance?

Where's Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman Now, 6 Years After Her Last Appearance?
Image credit: BBC One

The actress's career is flourishing.

The number of actors who have appeared in Doctor Who over 60 years is in the thousands – in addition to the main characters, each episode has a supporting cast. Famous actors often drop in for a visit – for example, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have appeared in various seasons.

The opposite has also happened – at the time of getting a role in Doctor Who, actors were not yet very famous, but later became real stars.

For example, Matt Smith, who played the Eleventh Doctor, now plays Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon, and Jenna Coleman, who played his companion, Clara Oswald, got the role of Johanna Constantine in The Sandman.

Clara's appearance in the first episode of the seventh season was like a breath of fresh air, and her participation in all subsequent episodes was an important part of the whole show. Jenna Coleman's main weapon was her charm, which made many Doctor Who fans fall in love with her. But where is Jenna now?

Jenna Coleman's Post-Doctor Who Projects

Following her last Doctor Who appearance in the 2017 Christmas special Twice Upon a Time, Jenna starred in the BBC drama The Cry.

Joanna and Alistair are young parents who embark on a long road trip from England to Australia. Upon arriving in Melbourne, the couple make a quick trip to the store at a gas station, only to return to find that their baby has disappeared without a trace. The show was rather overlooked but received rave reviews – its audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 85%.

Coleman's next big project was the Netflix exclusive and a show based on real events – The Serpent. The series tells the story of the high-profile case of Alain Gautier, which involved the murders of tourists, thefts and precious stones. The actress played the role of Marie-Andrée Lecrerc, the lover of the main character.

Jenna Coleman Stars in One of Netflix's Biggest Projects

Without a doubt, the biggest premiere of 2022 on Netflix was The Sandman, the long-awaited series based on the comic book series of the same name by Neil Gaiman.

In the project, Coleman plays Johanna Constantine, the ancestor of John Constantine. Coleman's Johanna is just as dangerous and untrustworthy as her descendant, but she moves in elite circles and her clients include the Queen of England herself.

In 2023, the actress starred in the thriller series Wilderness. This is an exemplary feminist revenge project that tells the story of Liv, who learns of her husband's betrayal and plans to take revenge on him in the most brutal way.

The actress' latest project is the action movie Jackdaw, which tells the story of a motocross champion who is willing to do anything to save his kidnapped brother.