Where Is NCIS’ Eleanor Bishop Today?

Where Is NCIS’ Eleanor Bishop Today?
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And will she be coming back?

When the show goes for as long as NCIS does, it’s only a matter of time when the cast members are going to change. While there are some actors willing to continue exploring the same character and the same environment throughout the years, others aren’t so sure on the matter and prefer to pursue other opportunities.

Emily Wickersham who portrayed Eleanor Bishop for a little over 170 episodes starting with season 11 and leaving after season 18, wasn’t the first person to leave the show, but her exit was the most mysterious and vague. Here’s what the actress is doing now, and whether NCIS may see Ellie Bishop back.

Why Did Emily Wickersham Leave NCIS?

Although the actress' departure was abrupt and unexpected, there was no bad blood behind the decision. Wickersham was as beloved by the NCIS production as she was by the show's fans, and many people didn't want to believe that her departure for a secret mission would be the last we'd hear of her.

But that is exactly what happened. And so far, there's no word that the actress will be returning to the show anytime soon, although the door seems to be open for Wickersham to reconsider.

After saying goodbye to NCIS in 2021, the actress has been busy with her personal life instead of taking on more roles. A few months after announcing her departure from NCIS, Emily Wickersham shared the happy news that a new family member was on the way. She gave birth to her first child, Cassius Wickersham Dale, in late 2021.

Since then, the actress has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, enjoying time with her family and friends and not taking on any more projects. Although some fans might be upset to see their favorite actress taking a lengthy break from work, Wickersham seems to be completely content to focus more on spending time with her son and partner, James Badge Dale.

On May 21, the actress announced her second pregnancy on Instagram. It is likely that Wickersham will take several years to return to acting if she ever decides to do so. For now, NCIS fans can revisit their favorite Eleanor Bishop moments by streaming the show on Paramount Plus.