Whatever Happened to Kaley Cuoco After The Big Bang Theory Ended?

Whatever Happened to Kaley Cuoco After The Big Bang Theory Ended?
Image credit: Legion-Media, CBS

It's going to be hard to beat the success of The Big Bang Theory, but the actress has already starred in a number of high-profile projects.

Kaley Cuoco 's most notable work was, of course, the female lead in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory.The show tells about the life of two young physicists and friends Sheldon and Leonard, who are completely out of touch with reality and therefore constantly get into funny situations.

Kaley was entrusted with the role of their neighbor, the blonde waitress Penny, a girl a little silly but full of worldly wisdom.

Thanks to her participation in TBBT, Cuoco became one of the highest paid television actresses in the US. As early as 2010, she was earning about $200,000 per episode, and by 2017 her fee had grown to $1 million per episode.

Even after suffering a serious injury while horseback riding and facing a real risk of losing her leg, Kaley was able to return to the set of The Big Bang Theory very quickly and filmed several episodes while sitting in a cast, hiding it behind the bar.

After The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco finally made her way to the big screen.

In 2015, the actress played the role of Katy in Matthew McDuffie's road drama Burning Bodhi, where Sasha Pieterse and Virginia Madsen were her co-stars.

That same year, she starred in the comedy Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip alongside Jason Lee, Anna Faris and Bella Thorne. Kaley was the voice of one of the chipmunks – Eleanor.

In 2017, Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie was released, in which Kaley played one of the main roles.

In 2020, the comedy-drama The Flight Attendant was released with Cuoco as the main lead. The series got positive reviews from viewers and critics and was renewed for the second season.

In addition to her work in movies and shows, Kaley is also involved in voice acting. She is the voice of Harley Quinn in the animated project of the same name.

In 2023, Kaley starred in the comedy series Based on a True Story. According to the plot, Ava and Nathan are expecting a baby and feel that there is not enough spark in their relationship. Unexpectedly, the couple decides to start a podcast about serial killers – a hobby that changes their lives and may help them deal with a family crisis.