What's Next For DCEU and 'The Flash' Now That Ezra Miller Seems to Be Out?

What's Next For DCEU and 'The Flash' Now That Ezra Miller Seems to Be Out?
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Warner Bros. has not commented on the Ezra Miller controversy whatsoever.

In light of the multiple controversial incidents that Ezra Miller found himself to be a part of, it seems he won't ever appear as Flash in the DCEU movies made by Warner Bros again, according to Deadline. The studio's 'The Flash ' has been delayed until June 2023, but even when it hits screens, it may be Miller's last time as Warner Bros. Scarlet Speedster.

After being accused of harassing people multiple times, Ezra might have to reconsider their acting career. However, hardcore DCEU fans can't help but wonder how the actor's odd behavior and his reported exile as Flash will affect the future DCEU movies.

According to reports, Warner Bros. hopes that the scandals that involve Miller will remain at "low levels" before the movie is released. However, even if things indeed won't go any further and 'The Flash' does relatively well in theaters in 2023, the future of the Scarlet Speedster remains unclear.

In the wake of the Miller controversy, many fans are urging Warner Bros. to recast Flash, suggesting either Grant Gustin from The CW's TV show about the fastest man alive or Lucas Till – another recent fancast star for the role.

Another possible scenario for the Flash movies could be way more pessimistic. Should the scandal remain until the release of 'The Flash' blockbuster (which is already finished and still has Miller as the title character), then any future movies about the speedster might end up being shelved. And even though the DC universe has plenty of other characters to develop, such news would be a true heartbreak for the Flash fans.

"They can’t release this movie in theaters with Ezra as The Flash. It would destroy any credibility the studio has left, and take the DCEU with it. At most, an HBO Max release, but even that is doubtful." – @DcRational.

The only thing the DCEU fans appear to be agreeing upon unilaterally is the fact that no one seems to want Ezra Miller to remain as Flash. Now that the controversy prompted Ezra to delete their Instagram, many people think that 'The Flash' might effectively be the last movie in their acting career – and judging by how things are working out as of now, they might be right.

Currently, the embattled Flash blockbuster by Warner Bros. is set to premiere on June 23, 2023.