What Did Dakota Johnson Do to Make People Think She "Ended" Ellen DeGeneres' Career?

What Did Dakota Johnson Do to Make People Think She
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Now that the controversial talk show has come to an end, people really believe that actress Dakota Johnson is one of those who are the happiest about it. Why so?

On Thursday, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' bid adieu to the viewers after 19 years on screen. And while it may be a sad moment for its fans, many people have flocked online to thank… Dakota Johnson for it?

It all dates back to 2019 when Dakota Johnson happened to catch Ellen DeGeneres in a lie when the latter claimed she was not invited to Johnson's birthday party.

"Actually, no. That's not the truth, Ellen," Dakota said back at the time instead of laughing the claim off. "You were invited [...] Ask everybody."

Even though the two seemed to have finished the interview on good terms back at the time, the incident was undoubtedly embarrassing, with many people siding with Dakota Johnson on this one.

Later, DeGeneres would be accused of creating a toxic work environment on her show and even turning a blind eye to sexual harassment, even though she portrays herself as a loveable and authentic person when she hosts the show. Over the years, a controversy would brew around 'The Ellen Show', until DeGeneres decides to call it quits. Thursday marked the final episode of the show, with Ellen inviting Jennifer Aniston – her first and now the last ever guest.

Still, the emotional farewell to 'The Ellen Show' did not prevent social media users from grinning at how Dakota Johnson, according to them, ignited the fire around DeGeneres' career.

Seems like there is a big group of people who would not miss DeGeneres at all.

'The Ellen Show' debuted on September 8, 2003, securing 61 Daytime Emmy Awards over the course of almost two decades on air. Shortly after the work environment controversy, DeGeneres announced that her tenure at the show will end at the end of the 2021-22 TV season.