We’re Happy For Succession & White Lotus, But Their Emmys Reign Is Problematic

We’re Happy For Succession & White Lotus, But Their Emmys Reign Is Problematic
Image credit: HBO

The Academy will have enough time to think about it during the strike.

Each year's awards season is both the most anticipated and the most disappointing time for the community of film and television viewers. While some productions get the recognition they deserve, others are snubbed at the nomination stage, sparking outrage on social media.

The 75th Anniversary Emmy is no exception. While many viewers were happy to see at least one of their favorites nominated in their respective categories, the majority would absolutely agree that this year's nominations were extremely unfair.

Not only did the Television Academy once again ignore huge Hollywood A-listers like Emily Blunt, Harrison Ford, and Elizabeth Olsen, who gave amazing performances last season, but they seemed to completely overlook half of the titles that were airing and streaming. All in favor of three to four shows that took over the entire nominations list.

One category, however, was particularly shocking to viewers: Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. All 8 nominees shared just two shows, Succession, and The White Lotus.

And while audiences and critics alike were sure that Matthew Macfadyen of Succession would win long before the nominations were announced, not recognizing anyone else seems like an extreme that should have been reached.

With 2 of the 8 actors on the list currently dealing with some pretty nasty allegations of predatory behavior, this decision looks even worse on the Television Academy's part.

While there is no way to change this year's nominees, there is still a place for discussion to avoid the same problem in future years. With Succession also taking over the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category, there may need to be a reasonable quota on the number of actors that can be nominated from a title.

A solution like this wouldn’t be in any way perfect, but it definitely would allow for more diversity by giving more teams to shine their talent in different categories. And that already sounds like a great point to start.