We Love Dan Levy, But Him Joining The Idol? Big Mistake

We Love Dan Levy, But Him Joining The Idol? Big Mistake
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How great would it be if we all had an "undo" button hidden in our pockets?

Daniel Levy is one of Hollywood's most popular comedians. His masterpiece of a show, Schitt's Creek, is arguably the best family-centered sitcom there has ever been. Everything about the show is perfect, from the plot to the quotes from virtually every character.

Although the series ended three years ago, the impact of the show on the audience is impeccable. Dan Levy not only created, but also starred in all six seasons of Schitt's Creek, portraying an amazing character named David, who starts out as a spoiled brat but ends up being one the best-developed characters on the show.

With that in mind, fans have been patiently waiting for the next big project to involve Levy. But that never happened. Instead, our favorite sweet comedian found himself in a dark, complex and quite disturbing drama.

In The Idol, Levy ended up playing the role of Benjamin, the publicist for lead character Jocelyn. While it may seem that Levy's role could provide some comedic relief to the drama series, this character is something of a pivot for the actor.

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Although he only plays a supporting character and frankly does almost nothing wrong, the overall feeling fans have after watching The Idol is bad. It even has a hot 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Schitt's Creek has earned a 93%. That's an unfortunate table turn.

This is a major blow to Levy, who goes from directing one of the most critically acclaimed comedy series of recent years to starring in a poorly reviewed and extremely problematic drama.

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But still, there’s a chance that Levy is going to reinvent himself really soon and make the fans forget about their disappointment with The Idol. After all, Levy’s character has not particularly stolen the cursed spotlight of Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd.

The actor will soon be starring in Disney 's improved Haunted Mansion remake. While it's unclear who Levy will be playing in the movie, it seems like a project that's more up his alley and will showcase his strengths as an actor.

Do you think the damage done to Levy's future could be easily repaired?