We Finally Know When Madame Web Will Be Available on Netflix

We Finally Know When Madame Web Will Be Available on Netflix
Image credit: Columbia Pictures

You've probably heard about the failure of Madame Web. But who knows, with the addition to Netflix, maybe this movie will become your new guilty pleasure?


  • Madame Web proved to be another failure in the history of Sony's Spider-Man Universe.
  • However, as part of a deal between Sony and Netflix, the movie will soon be available for streaming on Netflix US.
  • Madame Web will also be available in other territories within a few months to four years.

Netflix is an amazing place because its library boasts not only its originals, but also licensed movies and shows that people either didn't have the motivation or the opportunity to watch before. Not all of these movies and TV shows become smash hits, or even get rediscovered — a bad project usually stays bad, except for the extra views. Still, a Netflix subscription is a great way to watch something you didn't want to spend a movie ticket on.

Sony's Spider-Man Universe films are particularly notable in this regard. Following Netflix's exclusive deal with Sony in 2021, a number of films, including SSU, have found their way to the streaming service sometime after their theatrical release.

Now, the critically and commercially disappointing Madame Web is coming to Netflix's library, and it's happening much sooner than originally expected. Let's take a look at which regions and when the movie will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Madame Web's Disappointing Numbers

Madame Web, a film directed by S. J. Clarkson, follows Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson ), a New York City paramedic who becomes a clairvoyant and tries to prevent the murders of three young women who are destined to become Spider-Women in the future. In addition to Johnson, the film stars Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Celeste O'Connor, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Emma Roberts and Adam Scott.

It seems that not even Morbius was as much of a flop as Madame Web. The movie made only $100.3 million worldwide against a budget of $80-100 million, and its critics score on Rotten Tomatoes is a measly 11%.

Availability of the Movie for Streaming in the USA

But back to the question of Madame Web streaming on Netflix. With the Netflix-Sony deal in 2021, virtually all of Sony's theatrical slate from 2022 onwards end up on the streaming service a few months after the movie ends its theatrical run. Every Sony movie on Netflix is available for 18 months after its addition.

It was originally thought that Madame Web would arrive for streaming in the US in June. However, we can now confirm that it will be available much earlier, on May 14.

Madame Web Streaming in Other Countries

But it's not just US residents who can rejoice, as the deal between Sony and Netflix takes other countries into account as well. Unfortunately, those in other regions will have to wait, as Netflix US will be the first to receive the movie, while other regions will be able to stream Madame Web a little later.

Netflix India — After the US, India will be one of the first countries to get the movie. As such, the films will land somewhere between May and June this year.

Netflix South Korea, Israel and selected European countries — These are next because as part of the deal, Sony's movies will be available in these regions within a year of their theatrical release, so Madame Web will be released there later this year.

Netflix UK — Sorry, Netflix UK users, you have to wait a little longer. In the United Kingdom, Sony movies arrive on Netflix after they have been discontinued in the US. So, assuming Madame Web leaves Netflix US around the fall of 2025, it will be available in the UK either right after or at the end of the year.

Other regions — Unfortunately, not much is known about the other regions. However, the movie will be available for streaming in two to four years.