TREASURE Fans Concerned Over Mashiho and Yedam Removal from Official Poster

TREASURE Fans Concerned Over Mashiho and Yedam Removal from Official Poster
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Treasure has just come back with the 2nd mini album The Second Step: Chapter Two and the title track Hello.

However, some of the fans hesitate to get fully excited about TREASURE's new comeback because it 'feels incomplete' without two people. While active Treasure's members came back with new songs and promotions, Yedam and Mashiho have both announced going on hiatus.

"It's really weird not hearing Yedam's powerful vocals and Mashiho's beautiful voice in a song." – @mashifuIs

Just after the MV release, the fans found out that the Treasure group picture on the official YG website is missing Yedam and Mashiho as well. They are concerned about the implications of this picture and demand an explanation and reassurance from YG Entertainment.

The K-pop industry is known for blurring idols who get into scandals or cutting out and editing members out of videos and pictures if they decide to leave the group, so TEUMEs (fans of Treasure) being sensitive about the current situation is understandable.

"Deleting their traces, not mentioning their name even in an official announcement and only calling them as two members, don't really sit right into me until now." – @bliss_heurt

However, others convince the fandom not to panic and trust Treasure. They suppose the official poster was simply changed to the latest comeback' promo picture and it's not surprising to see members on hiatus absent.

"For legal terms and their contracts, which we don't know about, yg can't use their images. Otherwise they'll be more likely to pay due to a penalty or smth like that. I get your angriness and i also hate yg for the lack of reassurance but we know nothing." – @jiyongchybae

Yedam and Mashiho's hiatus started in May and will last approximately until the end of the year. According to the YG announcement, the two members wanted to focus on their personal life, mental health, and studying music.