Tracker’s Upcoming Episode Gets an Exciting Guest Star That Is In Fact a Perfect Fit

Tracker’s Upcoming Episode Gets an Exciting Guest Star That Is In Fact a Perfect Fit
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The show is bringing in a very familiar brotherhood vibe.


  • CBS’ Tracker is gaining its momentum ahead of the first season’s finale — and it seems like the upcoming episode will feature a new character portrayed by another TV star.
  • The spoiler for the episode that will be released on April 28 was given by the show’s leading actor Justin Hartley on his social media.
  • Given the guest star’s insanely popular previous role, he may be a perfect match for the character he’s about to portray.

CBS’ Tracker has become a major hit even before the show managed to get to its season 1’s finale — and the second season is already on its way while Tracker still has two more episodes to air with.

Given the show’s growing popularity, it wouldn’t be very surprising to see some familiar faces in the recurring roles, and the series itself is already on it — with a famous actor whose role actually makes a lot of sense.

Jensen Ackles Joins Tracker

The big secret was unveiled by Tracker’s leading actor Justin Hartley who took it to social media to post a video proving that none other than Jensen Ackles will make his entrance in the show.

The Supernatural ’s veteran will get to portray Colter Shaw’s brother in the upcoming episode that is set to be released on April 28.

Tracker’s penultimate episode will mark Ackles’ come-back to a big TV show after his long-standing role of Dean Winchester in the horror action series Supernatural — and the actor is actually a perfect match for Hartley’s Colter.

Will Ackles’ Part in Tracker Be a Supernatural Homage of Sorts?

With the latter’s overwhelming determination and serious approach to life that haunts him with his troubled past, it will come as some kind of relief to see Colter interacting with someone that he’s known for long enough to chill out a bit, especially if Ackles will bring in some features borrowed from his iconic Dean Winchester.

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First broadcast back in 2005, Supernatural initially followed two brothers, portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, whose life revolves around chasing demons, ghosts and other weird creatures.

Relying on a classic rule, the show featured striking differences between two main characters with one of them being extremely conscious about everything that was going on and the other fooling around to defuse the overall tension.

Knowing how good Ackles was at bringing a goofy brother to the screens, the chances are that he’s about to do the same again — and we’re definitely here for it.