Tom Sturridge's Morpheus Might Actually Be 'The Sandman's Weakest Link

Tom Sturridge's Morpheus Might Actually Be 'The Sandman's Weakest Link
Image credit: Legion-Media

Not everyone is ready to join the Tom Sturridge fandom.

'The Sandman ' has quickly risen to popularity, scoring #1 on Netflix 's tops across the world. The overwhelming majority of the reviews seem to be hailing the adaptation, not least due to the performance of Tom Sturridge who portrays Dream a.k.a. Morpheus.

However, despite the massive joy about the show, there is a hot take: Sturridge might in fact be the show's weakest link, especially compared to the rest of the cast. A lot of people have already noted that Sturridge's Dream is way too similar to Edward Cullen from 'Twilight ' to be taken seriously; while others complain that his portrayal should have been more comic-accurate.

"Morpheus is too sullen & brooding for my liking. It's as if he's channeling Edward Cullen. He doesn't cut the imposing figure of his comic book counterpart." - @TimiFrost

Funnily enough, Sturridge was one of the most popular fan castings for the role of Edward Cullen before the Twilight saga was adapted for big screens with Robert Pattinson in the titular role.

There are also people who took issue with the way Morpheus speaks, arguing that it sounds overly dramatic with Sturridge's signature "annoyingly contrived breathy tone of voice that is like a fourteen-year-old trying hard to strike a Byronic pose", according to Reddit.

Many critics acknowledge that Morpheus is a tricky role to play, and the character is canonically "a drama queen", but, compared to how other actors nail their parts, Sturridge seems to be fading away near Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine, Kirby Howell-Baptiste's Death, Boyd Holbrook 's Corinthian and Mason Alexander Pack's Desire.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix, having jumped to #1 on the platform's top lists in more than 80 countries, including the United States. The show's overall success makes it likely for it to land a second season. However, Netflix is yet to provide updates about the show's future.