Tiny Detail May Be The Key To Debunk Silo’s Most Popular Fan Theory

Tiny Detail May Be The Key To Debunk Silo’s Most Popular Fan Theory
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The season 1 finale left several questions unanswered, one of which was what happened to the world in the first place?

The first season of Silo, a sci-fi dystopian drama TV series, has officially ended, and while it answered many questions, it left some unanswered and ended on a huge cliffhanger.

Perhaps the biggest of these is what exactly happened to the outside world, with fans already theorizing as they eagerly await Season 2. Beware of major spoilers for season 1.

In the season finale, Juliette Nichols finds out that the world is indeed dead, despite what she and the viewers have been led to believe.

After walking through some sort of holographic pastoral landscape, she sees a desolate wasteland with the ruins of a city on the horizon. So fans were left wondering what kind of apocalyptic event could lead to this?

The first thing most viewers seem to have had in mind, judging by various discussions on the Internet, was a nuclear war, as it seems quite obvious at first glance.

However, one important detail, along with a few others, could completely debunk this theory.

You see, the show has a fascinating attention to detail, from explaining where the Silo residents get their food to how the whole structure works. And yet, we haven't seen a single Geiger counter or similar device, which would be essential if deadly radiation posed a threat.

Even though the inhabitants are always inside, such a device would have been essential to at least check the integrity of the Silo to prevent radiation leaks.

While this could be a simple oversight by the creators, the aforementioned attention to detail makes it quite unlikely.

Furthermore, Juliette avoided the grim fate of others who were sent outside only because the heat tape on her suit was of good quality, which would not have been the only thing standing between survival and death from radiation poisoning.

Finally, even extremely high doses of radiation kill people in at least an hour, not five minutes like the others in the series. It's possible that the radiation is so unimaginably high that it kills you almost instantly, but in that case the suit would have been almost completely useless.

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Besides, the disaster happened more than two centuries ago (since the hard drive was at least 97 years old at the time of the uprising, which itself happened 140 years ago), so there's plenty of time for the radiation to diminish.

Of course, fans have plenty of other possible explanations, from asteroid collision and alien attack to chemical warfare, but it seems we won't get our answers until at least the next season is released.

Silo season 2 is currently in production, but no release date has been announced.