This Underrated NCIS Character Has Actually Saved the Show

This Underrated NCIS Character Has Actually Saved the Show
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It’s time to pay him some respect.

Over the years, NCIS has thrived not only on the brilliant plots and unexpected twists in its cases, but also on the lovable and intriguing characters that viewers have fallen in love with. While some continue their journey on the main series, others move on to their own spin-offs.

While it's impossible to underestimate the importance of Special Agent Gibbs or Tony and Ziva, there are some characters that don't get nearly enough attention. Jimmy Palmer, the chief medical examiner for the NCIS team, who has been one of the show's most consistent characters, is a perfect example.

Is Jimmy Palmer Still on NCIS?

Jimmy Palmer, portrayed by Brian Dietzen, has been a prominent character on NCIS since the season 1 finale. Though he didn't receive his starring status until the show's 10th season, he has been one of the show's most consistently written characters who continues to delight viewers to this day.

As fans look back on the earlier seasons of the show and await his return for Season 22 and two of the upcoming spin-offs, NCIS: Origins and NCIS: Tony & Ziva, they tend to notice the impact of other characters who have kept the show going even when other fan favorites have chosen to say goodbye.

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As the discussion of Palmer's impact began on the r/NCIS subreddit, more and more fans admitted to growing more fond of his character with each rewatch.

“Jimmy has one of my favorite arcs in the whole show, and almost all of it is in the background while the actual cases are going on. <...> He has an arc that is constantly being developed instead of having aspects just forgotten about until it is convenient to be brought up again,” Redditor Affectionate_Lab3908 said.

Considering that every rewatch counts toward the show's success on streamers and that some of the show's lowest points were only made watchable because the original characters stayed around, this is a much bigger deal than you might initially think.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the original NCIS and its early seasons, you can go ahead and watch Jimmy Palmer’s arc build-up from season 1 by streaming NCIS on Paramount Plus.

Source: Reddit