This UK Crime Drama Stole the Show Before Money Heist & Berlin Were Even a Thing

This UK Crime Drama Stole the Show Before Money Heist & Berlin Were Even a Thing
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It's one of the best heist TV shows you've probably never heard of.

After failing to gain popularity in its home country, the Spanish series Money Heist was released on Netflix. There it became an international sensation, the most popular non-English project on the platform and a rare series these days worthy of the word "cult."

Netflix decided that Money Heist was too good to end with season five. In 2023, Berlin was released – a full-fledged prequel series about what happened before the events of the main plot. Berlin assembles a team to commit one of the most daring robberies in history and get jewelry worth 44 million euros.

However, even before the world got acquainted with the Money Heist phenomenon, a British crime series was released in 2012 that did not receive the attention it deserved from viewers – Inside Men.

What is Inside Men About?

One day, criminals break into the company's vault, and make off with a large sum of money. But it soon becomes clear that this was all organized by three employees of that same company.

Manager John was loyal to his job, but got tired of the monotony, the bad attitude of his colleagues and the lack of prospects. Courier Marcus has been wanting to cheat the company for a long time, but has never found the perfect way. Security guard Chris is worried about his pregnant wife Dita – she was once fired by John for petty theft. Together the three decide to rob the office, but the seemingly perfect crime plan fails.

Inside Men is an Intricate But Grounded Heist Story

The series was created by Tony Basgallop – later he created Servant for Apple TV+ together with M. Night Shyamalan. But if you are not a fan of extremely complicated plots, do not worry – Inside Men is built more simply than Servant, while the plot remains intense.

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The short project consists of only four hour-long episodes, but it still manages to tell about each of the characters and confuse the viewer. The plot unfolds non-linearly: the action begins with a robbery and then rewinds to the birth of the idea.

The episodes gradually reveal important details and the doubts of the future criminals. As a result, by the end, the series turns from an ordinary crime to an almost philosophical story about dissatisfaction with life.

Where to Stream Inside Men?

Inside Men is available to watch on Prime Video.