This Obscure Marvel Villain To Become The Main Villain In 'Ironheart'

This Obscure Marvel Villain To Become The Main Villain In 'Ironheart'
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Rumor has it that the upcoming Disney+ series will include an exciting confrontation the MCU has yet to see – technology vs. magic.

Robert Downey Jr. stepped away from his role as Iron Man in the Marvel movies a couple of years ago, and it looks like his replacement will be more than interesting – Dominique Thorne will play the role of Riri Williams, a teenage genius who has created her own cutting-edge armored suit from scrap metal. The series is already filming, and while little is known about the narrative at this point, some rumors suggest that the young superheroine will be battling a pretty powerful villain from right from the beginning.

A well-known insider has confirmed that Ironheart 's enemy in the series will be none other than the Hood, a criminal mastermind capable of levitation and invisibility thanks to his magical hood and boots, which he took from a literal demon after a fair fight. It looks like this little-known villain will once again bring supernatural elements to the MCU, testing his occult abilities against modern technology.

Fans immediately felt that this unlikely pairing would be perfect for the series, as Riri's super-suit would be perfectly complemented by Hood's magic guns and his ability to fly.

"I actually think that it is kinda smart to match him up with Ironheart because otherwise the matchup would most likely be "person with armor vs person with armor" which they probably will do in Armor Wars. " – /Creedysleep.

However, some avid comic book readers are somewhat surprised by this choice of antagonist, arguing that the original Hood doesn't possess any threat to Riri and will likely only be a one-time villain. But perhaps Marvel Studios will decide to alter his character a bit, tweaking his superpowers and updating his costume to better suit the upcoming show.

"Seems like an odd and unfortunate choice. Also, I always saw him as something of a joke. He's always trying to punch above his weight and it always gets him in trouble. It's hard to see him as a credible threat." – /ToaPaul.