This NCIS Character Broke Her 6-Year Contract to Leave the Show

This NCIS Character Broke Her 6-Year Contract to Leave the Show
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This job is not for everyone.

Every single TV show that lasts for decades will eventually lose some cast members. Whether their character arcs simply come to a logical conclusion or the actors want to pursue other opportunities, people come and go.

What is surprising, however, is to see a cast member leave years before their contract is up, and without any substantive reason. With no behind-the-scenes beef and no immediate project to jump into, what made Sasha Alexander leave the procedural hit NCIS at the height of its popularity?

Why Did Sasha Alexander Leave NCIS?

In every single fandom, there is a character whose departure from the series hurt the viewers the most. Though there have been many such names in the long history of NCIS, the first and most shocking one was Caitlin Todd, portrayed by Sasha Alexander.

Her breaking of a 6-year contract after only two years on the set hit the fans like a ton of bricks. However, working on a show like NCIS is no walk in the park.

“People don't realize that on a network show, you make 24 episodes a year — that's 10½ months a year, 17 hours a day. It's hard core. Plus, people really loved the character, and the way they did it was really was a bullet to the head, you know?” she explained TV Guide.

The actress' departure was truly devastating for the vast majority of fans. As with any procedural drama, viewers get really attached to characters who are there from the beginning. These people become the core of the show, while circumstances and supporting characters may change.

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By leaving after only two years on the set, which is not that short, but also not that long considering NCIS was recently renewed for season 22, Sasha Alexander left a space to introduce another fan favorite character, Ziva David, portrayed by Cote de Pablo. The character is now being brought back for a spinoff.

The departure that Alexander now considers a very important decision that turned her life to the better, worked out for the show as well. And if you still miss Agent Caitlin Todd, you can go ahead and rewatch the first two seasons of NCIS on Paramount Plus.

Source: TV Guide