This 97% Rotten Tomatoes Forgotten Gem Is a Must-Watch Netflix Sitcom

This 97% Rotten Tomatoes Forgotten Gem Is a Must-Watch Netflix Sitcom
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Classics never go out of style.


  • Ugly Betty is an iconic show released in 2006.
  • At the center of the story there’s a girl named Betty that struggles because of her appearances.
  • The premise of the show is to finally make the world realize that looks don’t matter that much.

Do you all get nostalgic from time to time? Well, we certainly do, and it's not that we miss certain times or movies or whatever, it's just the vibe of the 00s that feels like a breath of fresh air now.

It seems like everything was less complicated back then and that's why we want to go back and relive some of the best moments. Unfortunately (or maybe not?) we can't do that. What we can do, however, is tune in to some good old legendary shows and dive right in.

One of the most popular shows in the past years is definitely Ugly Betty. The show was released in 2006 after the success of a Colombian show with almost the same name. The series centers on a young Mexican girl, Betty Suarez, brilliantly portrayed by the amazing actress America Ferrera.

The thing is, Betty does not fit all the norms of a standard beauty. She has no style, she can't pull off fashionable looks, she wears braces and glasses (which is supposed to be an indicator of ugliness, apparently).

The girl is called ugly so often by those around her that she begins to believe it. Despite all this, Betty never lets herself down and has a strong soul and an independent attitude towards everything.

That's why, despite all the difficulties, she ends up at a fashion magazine as the personal assistant to the editor-in-chief. An unexpected choice, right? Everyone there has made it their life's mission to ruin Betty, but she's strong.

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Her perfect soul seems unbreakable, and over the years she learns to embrace her true beauty, and with a little help she turns into a chic lady, but it never changes her personality. And the fans just love that.

“It truly is one of the best TV shows ever. In my mind there’s a universe where everyone watched Ugly Betty when it was on and the world is a better, kinder place for it. In the past 12 years since it went off the air, I’ve convinced only 3 people to watch it but all have said “Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t listen to you before, this is one of the best shows ever!” Redditor thisisnotshawny said.

If you want to dive into this magical world of self-discovery journey, it's time to check out Ugly Betty on Netflix, as it has been available on the platform since 2023.