Things You Only Notice In TBBT After Watching It More Than Once

Things You Only Notice In TBBT After Watching It More Than Once
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The Big Bang Theory entertained fans for 12 seasons with its quirky characters and pop culture references.

But it's only after re-watching that some of its more subtle details and mistakes become apparent. Here are five things in TBBT you'll only notice after watching it more than once.

1. Raj accidentally speaks in front of Penny

During an early scene in the series, the gang discuss playing Halo together. Leonard jokingly suggests they cut Raj in half, to which an offended Raj replies, "Oh sure, cut the foreigner in half. There's a billion more where he comes from".

This is shockingly the first time he speaks openly in front of Penny, whom he can't usually talk to because of his crippling selective mutism. Raj eventually learns to talk in front of women while drinking alcohol. However, he had not realized this yet in the series.

Did he not see Penny? Or was it an apparent mistake by the writers?

2. Sheldon was originally asthmatic instead of Leonard

Throughout the series, Sheldon gives Leonard a lot of grief for simply having asthma. Labelling it as a flaw in Leonard's genetics, along with his lactose intolerance, that he does not suffer from himself.

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However, in early season one, during Leonard's depressed phase, where he considers getting cats, Sheldon's asthma is suddenly mentioned. For fans of the show, this is a blatant contradiction to Sheldon's character. Not to mention what happened to Leonard's asthma here?

3. Bernadette's voice change

When Bernadette first joins the show as a friend of Penny's being set up on a date with Howard, most aspects of her character are primarily the same.

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The most obvious difference to how she appears later is actually in her distinctive high-pitch voice, which sounds noticeably lower in her first few appearances. Only when she becomes Howard's official girlfriend, several episodes later, her notable squeak begins to appear.

4. The apartment door

Throughout the series, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and eventually Amy all live in their apartment building in Pasadena. Although various shots of the building are often shown throughout, most don't likely realize their front door has a lock and a buzzer. On occasion, you see Leonard with his keys. However, there is never any reference to the buzzer being used.

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Some fans speculate that the buzzer is broken like the elevator. Yet, there is enough inconsistency that it is either a hidden easter egg or a mistake they forgot to mention.

5. Sheldon's favourite number

Not all less-noticeable details were mistakes or changes on the show of course. For example, during the episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis, Sheldon reveals that 73 is his favourite number. He says it's because of the numbers' mathematical superiority.

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However, there are many hidden references concerning the number 73 in the show. For one, Sheldon often wears a t-shirt with 73 on it. 1973 also happens to be the year Jim Parsons was born. Lastly, The Alien Parasite Hypothesis was the 73rd episode in the series.